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The start of fall is always my favorite time of year. I'm a big fan of cooler temperatures, college football and Halloween candy at work. Did I mention my birthday comes in early October? I figure Yoshi-P must know, because he's giving me a fantastic present -- the release of Patch 1.19, a.k.a. the Golden Patch Pt. Deux! Discussions in the forums always tend to escalate as large updates draw near, and this week was no different. I expect the discourse will only pick up as we draw closer to the eve of Oct. 4.

On with the links:

Title: Letter From the Producer, XIX

The target date for releasing Patch 1.19 was by the end of September, so props to Yoshi-P for delivering the update just five days behind schedule. This letter from Yoshi-P was shorter than usual, but the good news that Patch 1.19 is coming Oct. 4 is enough to make any FFXIV fan excited. On the downside, a few features of Patch 1.19 will be slightly delayed, but looks like we won't have to wait too long to enjoy the entire patch.

Title: What Will These Threads Look Like In a Year?

This week marked the first anniversary of FFXIV for those who bought the Collector's Edition, and none of us could have imagined the game would be in this state -- what will we be saying a year from now? As you can see in this thread, there is still plenty of angst among the Eorzean population, but at least Yoshi-P is giving us plenty of reasons to be hopeful. A year from now, my prediction is that we'll be reading another Letter From the Producer telling us about another great update in the wings. One can hope, right?

Title: "FFXIV Greatly Damaged the FF Brand"

Kudos to the OP for finding this news story in which Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada says the Final Fantasy brand was "greatly damaged" by the failed launch of FFXIV. While some may be alarmed by this kind of comment, I take comfort knowing the top brass at SE fully understand what's at stake in developing this game. Clearly, they weren't aware a year ago. This game will have a huge chance to rebound if the PS3 launch is handled correctly.


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# Sep 30 2011 at 7:38 AM Rating: Decent
I have to agree about the top brass being fully aware as a good thing. Yoshi-P is giving the fan base hope for the future and as long as SE pours resources into FFXIV and turns things around, in a year, perhaps we will see a PS3 launch and a PC relaunch with expansion.

When the reviews came in for FFXIV I was shocked and I have held off buying a new PC to run this game, FFXI was an epic and tough adventure, and I hope that they can turn FFXIV into that type of masterpiece that got me to log in about 330 days in two years of playing FFXI.
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