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OK, so it's not really Thursday anymore, so maybe this week's thread should be called Hot Read Friday? The truth is that my daughter graduated from eighth grade yesterday, so I was a bit tied up with family matters. So now, here I am, with my Friday being my Thursday. Anyway, the past week's discussion will probably seem fairly insignificant compared to what will be happening next week, with the coming of Patch 1.18 and its changes to the battle system. Let's hope we see this game continue to grow before our eyes.

On with the links:

Title: SE You make me sad

Some "I quit" threads are well-written and well received by the playerbase. Sometimes these threads hit close to home and make us think about why we still play the game. This, however, is not one of those threads. The largest flaw with the OP's logic is that Square Enix is "back burning" FFXIV. By the way, I think what he means to say is "why is SE placing FFXIV on the back burner," which would make his pseudo term "back burnering," but I digress. Anyway, this game is on the back burner about as much as ducks float calmly on the water.


Word from the community representative on the Square Enix official forum is that the AoE magic toggle is going to be removed from the game. This almost makes me as happy as the thought of the "raise shield arm" function being scrapped, but I guess I'll take what I can get. Surprisingly, a lot of people in this thread defend the AoE toggle, which to me always seemed intrusive to the battle experience. I can't see how removing this step will do anything but make battles flow more smoothly.

Title: I'm Back And I'm Encouraged

Providing balance to the threads from players who are losing interesting in the game, some players who have returned to FFXIV have nice things to say about the game's progress. This OP still has criticisms of the game, but likes where it is going and believes the best changes are yet to come. I'm in full agreement with that line of thinking; I just hope the improvements come sooner rather than later.


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# Jun 26 2011 at 4:53 AM Rating: Decent
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these are always nice to read:) thanks and keep it up!
As always you do a great job!
# Jun 25 2011 at 5:04 PM Rating: Decent
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Always nice to check out the hot read and always find it represents zams FFXIV buzz perfectly. I check the forums consistently but they're have been many times where the hot read has kept me well informed without having to come here daily. I'd have to agree though the general consensus is since yoshi-p's involvement a lot of the changes have been generally positive even though some may complain that the pace is too slow. We also get more and more evidence that the developers are clearly able to respond to the players to an extent FFXI could not.

Congrats to your daughter and as always thanks for the update.
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