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Funny story about this week’s Hot Read Thursday… it almost didn’t happen. I’ve been pretty busy this week, and for some reason I was convinced that today was Wednesday. Had my daughter not told me today was Thursday, I would have woken up tomorrow morning not knowing it was Friday. That could have been disastrous, especially if I’d seen the new “Happy Friday” thread thinking it was actually Thursday!

Anyway, we’re another week into the life of Final Fantasy XIV, yet many of us are still waiting on word from the development team on changes coming down the pike. There was a collective glimmer of hope that the Hatching Tide event would lead to some greater content, and I’m probably not the only one who’s been checking the official forums each morning for more information about companies. In the meantime, we’re left to attempt to enjoy the game that’s been laid out before us – although having more people to play with would definitely be nice. Hey, now I have some ideas for this week’s featured threads…

On with the links!

Title: Does the responsibility lie with us?

A simple question with a not-so-simple answer. This game is far more enjoyable than it was at launch. Although many players say this game isn’t close to being ready for SE to start charging monthly fees, I personally wonder whether the game would be in such dire straights if it had been launched in the state it’s in now. Are we to blame for perpetuating a negative atmosphere that is keeping new players away from this game? I believe the fault lays with Square Enix, but I also believe people will eventually have to lay off of the Haterade if this game is going to thrive. And, unfortunately, many peoplez on teh Intrawebz love dem sum Haterade.

Title: Player-run Companies "still coming"

Although the development team isn’t communicating through the official forums as much as they were when the forums first launched, I really like that developers are still using these boards to pass comments along to players. In this case, we learn through the community representative named Bayohne that player-run companies are in the works. This is great news, I think. I’ll probably appreciate this more once I know what a company is.

Title: Seventh umbrla moon and all that

On one hand, I appreciate that the development team is using every tool in the toolbox to try to deliver us some kind of storyline – in this case, using the Web site to create a cliffhanger at the conclusion of the Hatching Tide event. On the other hand, the speculation from players surrounding this event illustrates just how badly we’re in need of a purpose to be playing this game. I can’t wait for the battle system adjustments, and I’m sure the new dungeons will be fun, too. More than anything, though, I really want to know why I should care about being in Eorzea – and I feel like we’re oh so close to finally understanding the answer.


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