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Check out the hottest topics from the past week of the FFXIV general forum.

It's been a somewhat dreary week in the FFXIV General Forum, with mixed reactions over the implementation of Patch 1.16. The patch brought some needed changes to the game, such as the implementation of quests and the streamlining of crafting leves. It also introduced some questionable changes, such as the resizing of monsters (hello, dodozilla) and the addition of annoyingly red icons next to aggressive monsters. Toward the later part of the past week, however, the launch of Square Enix's official FFXIV forums sparked some interesting discussions. This week's Hot Read Thursday covers a few threads from both ends of the spectrum.

Now, on with the links!

Title: 31k player base... over or under

Interesting thread, regardless of your feelings about the state of FFXIV. A few weeks ago, I would have thought this number to be exceptionally low. Now, I think it might be just about right, and maybe even a little high. The playerbase seemed very discouraged by Patch 1.15b, which was basically a skill points nerf for parties of more than eight people. I don't think tons of people gave up on the game over that patch, but I think a lot of people realized how long it would take for this game to be filled out with content. Even if you enjoy playing the game as it stands, there's simply not enough content to keep you engaged for long periods of time.

Title: Would you blame SE if they scrapped FFXIV?

Short answer? Yes. I know far more people who are simply waiting for the game to get better than I do people who have no plans to ever play again. And while some FFXIV have moved onto other games, I'm also confident a large number of players have simply returned to Vana'diel until Eorzea becomes more worthy of their free time. Anyone who honestly believes that SE should scrap this game entirely and start over is either a hardcore troll or completely delusional. That's not saying SE won't pull the plug someday, but that will only happen if the PS3 release absolutely tanks -- and yes, there will be a PS3 release.

Title: Yoshi-P begins posting on official forum

Finally, some good news! One of the things I like most about Yoshi-P is that when he opens his mouth, he almost always reveals something with substance. So far, his writings on the official FFXIV forums are no different. Among the tidbits he's already posted is that maps are being redesigned, including the maze-like Black Shroud. He also soothed many fears by letting us know that the jump feature being considered may be for automatically leaping over small ledges and obstacles, and that he's aware of the dislike for WoW-style bunny-hopping. These official forums could be an excellent tool to further improve communication between players and developers, and Yoshi-P chatting directly with players is just icing on the cake.


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# Mar 12 2011 at 6:52 PM Rating: Decent
29 posts
Hey, I love the resizing of monsters that they did. everything was too tiny and nothing was threatening! I think some things could have been made even bigger. (also they need to make Bogys more scary and less cute sounding and make them actually strong and roam at night >.>;
Concern Player
# Mar 11 2011 at 10:15 PM Rating: Decent
20 posts
I know FFXIV is losing its huge fan base but does that mean ZAM can slack off on giving correct info on armor bonus stats. Maybe my wording is wrong and it is just several typos to alot of armors for head, body and so on. Maybe its a joke saying stats is very insignificant in this game I do not know. I am just a Fan of the game and used to getting info from wiki for FFXI. Other then the bonus stats I very much enjoy the Website and some updated info.
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