FFXIV Hot Read Thursday

Check out the hottest topics from the past week of the FFXIV general forum.

What kind of earth-shaking topics were discussed in the FFXIV General Forum this week? Well, let’s see. We learned that some players may be using bots, that some people will never be pleased by skill point distribution, and that really enjoying a game may be detrimental to the game’s health (the later topic is why you shouldn’t believe everything you read on the Internet). Sarcasm aside, there were several interesting discussion topics throughout the week. Highlighted by this week’s Hot Read Thursday are threads about strong FFXIV sales in Japan, whether NPC quests should grant skill points, and speculation about the upcoming patch.

On with the links!

Title: Should NPC Quests Give SP/EXP?

With quests on the verge of being implemented in FFXIV, this thread raises the question of whether quests should grant SP or EXP as rewards. Some people believe quests should grant SP or EXP, but a large number of posters are of the opinion that quests should focus more on storyline – and I tend to agree. With so many other ways to level your character, I really hope the development team keeps quests focused on expanding the lore of Eorzea. The real question here is, “What does Yoshi-P think?” I’m guessing we’ll find out soon enough.

Title: List Your Next Patch Priority!

Chocobos, quest trackers, NPC quests, an auction house and airships – these were among the things that posters in this thread want to see implemented in the next version update. I think we can expect quests to happen, but what other additions will this update bring? I’m kind of surprised we haven’t heard from the development team this week, so I’m guessing we’ll get a partial list of upcoming changes early next week. Until then, the speculation continues. I’m hoping for quests (a given) and further changes to the battle system. Chocobos would be nice, too, but I’m not planning on those without more fanfare beforehand.

Title: Final Fantasy XIV recaptures first place in Japan

Victory! Everyone can relax now! Well, OK, perhaps it’s not that simple. But the fact that FFXIV is the top-selling PC game in Japan is a pretty big deal. Final Fantasy XI had a pretty stable (and sizable) population, but make no mistake – the Japanese market was the anchor for the playerbase. If this game continues to make up lost ground in Japan, it will almost certainly have the playerbase to have a long, successful life. In related news, trolls in the FFXIV General Forum suddenly became even more emo than usual.


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All good news!
# Feb 14 2011 at 5:32 PM Rating: Decent
This is definately good news!! I think lag is FFXIV's biggest let down at the moment because most people will grind (even with lack of content) for exp/SP but too much lag will kill the in-game community quicker than anything else. Besides that, I think the implementation of quests and quest trackers, some form an 'auction house' (more emphasis on delivery function of items between players).

More game content can take a back burner as long as a few quests are implemented in the somewhat near future.

ps. I didn't know that trolls in the FFXIV General Forum could become 'even more emo than usual.' Learn something new everyday.
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