FFXIV Hot Read Thursday

Check out the hottest topics from the past week of the FFXIV general forum.

It's Thursday night, the weekend is coming and Eorzea is in the air... time for Hot Read Thursday! Nothing too gigantic to reflect on from this past week of Final Fantasy XIV, except for more teasers about the upcoming implementation of notorious monsters. The mood on the forums has been somewhat mixed lately, with constructive criticism of the game surfacing between more fun, lighthearted threads. In honor of that pattern, I've chosen a few HRT threads that run the gamut from "serious business" to "lol wut."

In order of most depressing to most awesome, here are the links:

Thread 1: SP System - Lack of Communication

Seeing as how I'm not yet rank 20 in any one job, there's not much I can say on this topic... other than I'm glad I'm not rank 20 in any one job! The issue of grinding at upper levels has been addressed in several threads, and this poster asks why Square Enix hasn't responded to these concerns. That's a great question, really. Where is the development team on this? Hopefully they're busy fixing this issue, so that people like me will have an easier time breaking the SP barrier.

Thread 2: Attention all Lalafell!

We can complain about skill points, the market wards and the overall lack of content all we want, but let's give credit where credit is due! Final Fantasy XIV's Lalafell race has the best combination of emotes EVER. Awesome job, Square Enix, for somehow making cute little creatures look like fraternity pledges during rush week. Why not go all the way and make this into one single emote? And what would that emote be called? I nominate "/passout," "/boredom" or "/waitingforretainertosellmarmotmeat."

Thread 3: "Server unifications" announced for Dec 22nd

True story -- when I first saw this thread, I opened up a new browser window so I could post a quick news story. I needed a few minutes to realize this was fake. Good job, OP! For a moment, you had me fooled. Funny thing is, why wouldn't this be real? With all the problems this game has had since launch, these "server unifications" (I'm still laughing about your wording there) wouldn't have really surprised me.


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