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Whoa Nelly. Lately I've been looking forward to Hot Read Thursday, our weekly recap of the most interesting, compelling or humorous threads from our general forum. This week, however, finding worthwhile threads was somewhat difficult. Even threads with potential to be good were subsequently filled with ranting, bickering and flaming. Which brings me to the one thread that really seems to summarize the past week of posts -- and, for a change, it was written by our very own Pikko.

This may be the first and only time that Hot Read Thursday features just one thread. And hopefully this will be the only HRT thread to be written, and locked, by an admin.

Check out the link:

Stop Flaming Players

In this thread, a simple call to be civil to each other was apparently too complex for some players to understand. I mean, if an admin asks you to stop flaming people, seems there should only be one correct answer, right? Well instead of just one right answer, this thread garnered four pages of many incorrect answers. ZAM administrator Kaolian wraps up the thread by laying out some good laws for forum users to live by. It's disappointing that Pikko's request for civility seemed to fall on so many selectively deaf ears. Here's to hoping that people lighten up and start treating each other with respect.


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My theory on "Internet Thugs"
# Nov 15 2010 at 8:20 AM Rating: Decent
What I have noticed in my many years of online gaming is that a lot people say things online that they would never say to someones face. They act like this because theres no way to kick someones a** over the internet (atleast not yep :p). I mean look at xbox live for example... You give some 10 year old kid a microphone and people to talk to and all of the sudden he turns into Tony Montana. I refer to these people as "Internet Thugs", or in other words people who hide behind a mic or keyboard and say things they would never say in real life (i.e. racist remarks, name calling, and just general all around jackassery). To be honest, I feel bad for these people, because imagine how sad their lives must be if this is the only way they can get any kind of feeling of superiority.
Internet bullys
# Nov 14 2010 at 12:32 AM Rating: Decent
People now a days are just plain old dumb, thinking that they are some kinda bad @$$ cause they can spam on other peoples thoughts. Who do you punks think you are, INTERNET BULLY'S. I say they are just a wimps that hide behing a screen name. Pay them no mind!
" Golden Rule " should apply always :)
# Nov 11 2010 at 12:51 PM Rating: Decent
72 posts
I try not to Flame anyone outright. I use sarcasm quite a bit, but name calling and people bashing is just to to immature. ( Age has nothing to do with maturity I might add )

I think the Forum Mods do their best but it's gonna happen. "Humanity is a disease we all share." ;)
Hot reads for hot heads
# Nov 11 2010 at 1:20 AM Rating: Good
676 posts
You know a flamewar has gotten out of hand when even the admins themselves are becoming a target for posters. Poor Pikko had to defend herself from some rather belligerent people in that thread.

I do hope things calm down and that the troublemakers go find some other MMO to annoy people on. Unfortunately, the bad press surrounding FFXIV has probably invited more than a few to the forums just to moan about the game and flame it's players.

Let's hope next weeks 'Hot Read' is a lot more friendly and sociable.
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