Wind Serum (Aion Item)  

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Wind Serum
Type Potion

Increases flight time by ___ seconds if used in flight mode. See the table, below, for the exact amounts for all the variations of this potion.

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These potions are all either rewarded from quests, purchased from Potion Merchants, or made by Alchemists.

You cannot use a Wind Serum while you are Gliding, but you can while you are falling! If you are very high and running out of time, use spacebar to close your wings, use the Wind Serum, then open your wings again!

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NameExtension (seconds)Sale PriceMin. LevelSource
Lesser Wind Serum12600 Kinah 10 Potion Merchants, Alchemists, Quests (Fungus Among Us, Spirit of Nature, Danger From Above)
Wind Serum241,200 Kinah 20Alchemists, Quests (Meeting With the Brigade General, Aether Powder)
Greater Wind Serum362,000 Kinah 30Alchemists, Quests (Expensive Coral Reef (PW/AA), Looking for Garkbinerk, Expert Advice, Aether of High Purity (PW/AA), Lack of the Aether of High Purity (PW/AA))
Major Wind Serum483,000 Kinah 40Alchemists, Quests (Jafnhar's Whereabouts, The Abyss Rush (PW/AA), Speedy Rush (PW/AA), Match with Asmodian Army Soldier Level 7 (PW/AA), Defeating Elysean Army Soldier Level 7 (PW/AA))

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