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Tabula Rasa is a MMORPG by Ultima creator Richard Garriott (aka Lord British), that takes place in a not-too-distant future when Earth has been conquered by the Bane and a few small remnants have sought refuge and a new base from which to fight.

You start as a young Recruit, just trying to survive Basic Training.

Official Website: Richard Garriott's Tabula Rasa

This Wiki is for all players of Tabula Rasa to read, edit, create and expand. It will become as complete or as desolate as we, the players, make it. There are no plans at this time for a database to turn this into a Wikibase, but if the fan support demands it, who knows?

Have you been wondering what the Logos symbols at the bottom of the game logo mean? Wonder no longer...

The war for control of (the) cosmos begin(s) now


Keys for Lineage II and City of Heroes

I know that in the email to all subscribers they told you they would send you a key for these games in a later email... well, that ain't true. Go to NCSoft account management and look ion the right for "You have 2 unused serial code(s). - Click here to use." and click it. You can then activate the desired key.

Earth Defended!

Having only recently discovered Tabula Rasa, and really enjoying it, I am very sad to hear that the TR team is calling it quits and pulling the plug on Feb. 28, 2009. Read the full story here. - a very sad Bludwyng

I logged in today for one last hurrah before they shut it down... and was greeted with the info that tomorrow, 2/28/2009, all AFS forces are launching a massive assault on the bane base, one final battle... them or us.

Incoming Transmission

The final Bane assault on Foreas, Arieki, and parts unknown will commence on Saturday, February 28th. Please join us to help battle back the Bane armies one last time!

The attack is slated to commence at approximately 8 PM GMT on Centarus and then later at 8 PM CST on Hydra. Servers will shut down at approximately midnight GMT and CST respectively.

Get out your best gear, load up on ammo, and raise a final cheer for the troops of the Allied Free Sentients!

End Transmission

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