Sulfur Tree Nest (Aion Zone)  

RaceAsmodian and Elyos
Level 30+ (Group)
Starting Zone Reshanta
Required by all? unknown
Success18 hours
A hidden chamber that can only be reached from within Sulfur Fortress.

There is an Aetheric Barrier inside protecting the Fortress from the Balaur in the cave, but you can pass it. Once passed, a 15 minute timer begins. Beyond is a round chamber with a treasure hoard in the middle. On one side of the center will be a large treasure chest. To gain the treasure you must fight your way to the box and destroy the lock before the 15 minute timer expires. Get the treasure, then clear the rest of the Nest at your leisure to complete the repeatable quest, Clean the Nest.

The treasure chest in this instance has a chance to drop one of the Blade Fragments required for To Catch a Dragon.

The map on this page is from the Turkish Aion fansite, Aion Universe. The edges of the image were cropped there, not by us.

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