Special Attacks (Aion)  


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Common Mob Special Attacks


Paralyzes the targets wings causing them to vanish.

Deadly Poison

Poisons and reduces the movement speed of the target.

Grudge Wound

Bleeding. Cannot be dispelled.

Lower-body Paralysis

Reduces the movement speed of the target.

Mind Division

Mana drain.

Peck Face

Inflicts damage and temporarily blinds the target.

Poison Thorn Attack

Poisons and reduces the Physical Def of the target. Duration: 20 sec


Common ability of Ghosts. Once cast on you, a few seconds after the ghost dies you will be shape-changed into a ghost and will flee as if under the effects of a Fear spell. You have no control over your actions and the direction you run is random but the possession is of short duration.

Press Strike

Inflicts damage and temporarily stuns the target.


Poisons and blinds the target.

Ranged Successive Smash

Inflicts damage, reduces Physical Defense of, and temporarily stuns the target.


Inflicts damage, and reduces Physical Defense of the target.

Strong Magical Blow

Inflicts high damage.

Venom Burst

Poisons. Duration: 20 sec

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