Secret Remedy of Mana (Aion Item)  

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Secret Remedy of Mana
Type Potion

Recovers MP by ___. See the table, below, for the exact amount of MP recovered.

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These are drops on the loot table of every mob in the game.

See also: Secret Remedy of Life for health restoration.

NameHP RecoveredPrice†
Minor Secret Remedy of Mana540
Lesser Secret Remedy of Mana
Greater Secret Remedy of Mana
?? Secret Remedy of Mana
† While all of these potions can be found as drops from mobs or as rewards from quests, both cities and most of the larger villages and outposts have a potion merchant that will sell you zone-level appropriate potions at a fairly consistent price. Still, the prices listed here should be considered averages, not absolutes. These are purchase prices, not selling prices.

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