Recovery Potion (Aion Item)  

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Recovery Potion
Type Potion

Recovers the target's HP by 97 points and its MP by 128 points every 2s for 20s.

Reuse Time: 30 sec

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These potions are all either dropped from mobs, rewarded from quests, or made by Alchemists. Altered States created by higher level poisons/spells/monsters require higher level potions to have a chance of success.

NameSale PriceMin. LevelQuests
Minor Recovery Potion10
Lesser Recovery Potion20
Recovery Potion30made by Alchemists -level 400.
Greater Recovery Potion40made by Alchemists -level 420.
Major Recovery Potion50made by Alchemists - level 440.
Fine Recovery Potion60made by Alchemists - level 440.

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