Raiding 101 (EQ2)  

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The Gears of Raiding

A bluprint for beating the toughest enounters SOE has to offer and have fun doing it

Raiding in Everquest II may be one of the more complicated endeavors that a player or set of players can undertake in the MMO genre. The breadth of considerations are numerous but, I am going to attempt to cover a number of topics that all revolve around raiding, some of which are Leadership, Strategy, Tactics, Tools and Mechanics. Raiding is one facet of Everquest II where the players and leaders alike often find themselves outside the game engaging in planning and preparation activities to the greatest degree. Over the course of this article I will cover all aspects of raiding and will writing from my observations and experiences both leading and being a participant of raids. It should go without saying that all players who have had the occasion to lead, setup, and run a raid have their own style or flare so consider while reading that mine is just one of many.

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The War Tent

These are all major pieces that have be in place and functioning to run a successful competitive raid force.

  • Leadership - What it takes to lead. The highs and the lows of leading a raid.
  • Strategy - How to examine new content, create a plan, and execute to it.
  • Tactics - The nuts and bolts of the encounters how see the map to victory
  • Tools - All the various, resources that help a raid work and plan for the win.
  • mechanics - The inner workings of the force it self class interactions, how things work, and why its important

The Strategies

Here you will find step by step walk through information for many of the top raid mobs from ROK to present. WARNING - this is extreme spoiler info


Credit where credit is due there are a great number of fantastic sites out there that are virtual treasure troves of information

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ZAM credits Ghosts of the Jaggedpine & MMO-Strategist for the original information in this guide.

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