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It would not be sufficient to say that the items listed below are guidelines more accurately they are requirements if it is important to you as a raider to be successful at executing many of the strategies that are published on ZAM. This is very much a work in progress so, I will link in more info to the items from the ZAM site soon.

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External Tools

This in my opinion is a must. I know that there are a number of folks out there that do not use this tool but for leading raids and deconstructing encounters this is the swiss army knife of raid tools.

UI Enhancements

This is the greatest UI mod in the game and can be downloaded and set up from Zam's affiliate site EQ II Interface

EQ Maps is fantastic tool. The external contributions to this mapping tool are an Excellent resource for locating hard to find map items. It is a valuable tool for understading many of the diagrams in strategies on this site.

In Game Items

  • From the broker
    • Repair kit (Unless you have a bot)
    • Food & drink
    • Poisons
    • Ammo

  • Signets, Symbols, and Relics These items are purchased from city vendors using coin and status.
    • Signet of Ethereal Form (AE avoid)
    • Symbol & Relic of Stability AntiStun
    • Symbol & Relic of Clear Voice Anti Stifle

  • House Items
    • Respec Mirror

  • Potions - crit, power, freedom of mind & Action, etc.
    • More Info Coming Soon...

  • 30 minute varieties of food & drink

  • Infusions - 105 power regen
    • Hornet Venom Infusion +70 max health Bathezid
    • Succulent Brutemarrow Infusion 2% parry Bathezid
    • Sweetened Devourer Blood Infusion +11 INT/+2% dodge Bathezid
    • Fiery Magma Infusion +50 spell&combat art Danak
    • Cockatrice Blood Infusion max power Riliss
    • Cranberry Flavored Cockatrice Blood Infusion WIS/dodge Riliss
    • Mountain Giant Sweat Infusion 2% dodge Riliss

  • Reductions - 159 health regen
    • Behemoth Reduction max health/power Bathezid
    • Cranberry Glazed Drachnid Reduction STR/parry Bathezid
    • Devourer Flesh Reduction max health Bathezid
    • Drachnid Reduction 2% parry Bathezid
    • Magma Fish Reduction damage shield Danak
    • Bruteflesh Reduction STA/parry Riliss
    • Mountain Giant Flesh Reduction max power Riliss
    • Spiced Hornet Legs Reduction 2% dodge Riliss

  • Temporary adornments
Check ‘em out, everylittle bit helps click adornments & scroll down to the bolded ones.

  • Tinkered Items: being a tinker for raiding is almost a must

    • Overclocked Manastone
    • Exothermic Lifestone & Manastone – Killsyou but gives 20% mana 40% life to rest of group. Good for thevery end of a tough fight. Might not be a good idea on a Bolster confidence mob
    • Reliable Gnomish Pacemaker - why not? 25%chance of surviving death!
    • Behavioral Modificatinator Stereopticon –Mem Wipe
    • Gnomish Safety Recaller
    • Rezz - Automated External Defibrillator(50% chance)
    • Call of the Tinker
    • Menderbot

  • Miracles & blessings

  • Signets, Symbols, and Relics: purchased from city vendors
    • Redemption of Failure
    • GreaterRedemption of Failure
    • Signet of Replenishment
    • Signet ofGreater Replenishment (Mana)
    • Signet of Life
    • Signet of Greater LIfe

Power roots

In theory you can get 1 fromeach tier, I like to have 3 or 4. You can store the plant stuff unpriced on thebroker, and then when you are home, grab what you need from the bulletin board. Do it one root at a time, never try to make one with items from another tier in your inventory.

Carnivorous Plant Items
Carnivorous Plant Feeds by Tier Feed x1 Feed x2 Feed x3 Yields X% power
level 10
flask of rancid water pouch of peat small decaying bone 10%
level 20
flask of stale water small bag of ammonium sulphate large decaying bone 12%
level 30
flask of pond water small bag of muriate of potash small polished bone 14%
level 40
flask of fresh water small bag of diatomaceous earth large polished bone 16%
level 50
flask of pure water small bag of ammonium nitrate small meaty bone 18%
level 60
SoE has t6 items bugged. none none none none
level 70
flask of enchanted water small bag of compost large meaty bone 22%

Misc Items

  • Manastone
  • Vessel of Fyr'un
  • Worker's Sledgemallet
  • Honor of Pantrilla

EverQuest II
ZAM credits Ghosts of the Jaggedpine & MMO-Strategist for the original information in this guide.

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