Meslamtaeda's Blood (Aion Lore)  

Many years ago, two Elyos scout's, Kato and Garnis, were researching poisons at the Temple of Freedom and they discovered an extraordinarily potent poison, which they named Meslamtaeda's Blood, after the Red Dragon Lord of the Balaur. In addition to it's deadlier properties at full strength, in tiny doses, even a drop on the skin, it was highly addictive and caused mutations in those affected. Both Kato and Garnis became contaminated by it due to an accident in the lab[1]. Both vanished soon after from the historical record, no one aware they had been transformed into hideous monstrosities.

It took some time, but Lady Yustiel finally developed an anti-toxin for it, called Yustiel's Tear. By this time, however, Kato and Garnis could not be found.[2]

In Source of the Pollution, you discover that Kato stayed in Verteron, where he had become horribly mutated, becoming the creature known as Poisonous Bubblegut. The contamination in his body made it into the ground water and is the source of the Contaminated Swamp.[3]

Isson, formerly a defender of Agairon Village who became an outcast, joined the Lepharists and has returned to Eltnen to wreck vengeance on his former home. He was been using Meslamtaeda's Blood to contaminate the Mystic Spring of Agairon until you put an end to his evil[4].

Finally, in Heiron, you find that Garnis is still alive, and is involved in terrible experiments at the Lepharist Research Center[5]. He must have finally found a cure for his condition, as he is human again when you encounter him. This means the Lepharists are in control of both the toxin and it's antidote.

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