Magus Abilities (WAR)  


All "x" notations for skills mean the statistic will shift depending upon your level.

CORE Actions
1Brain BurstaGork30100ftDamaging2s No CooldownDeals X Elemental damage.
1Gork'll Fix ItMork55150ftBuff1s9sNo CooldownHeals X to defensive target, then heals Y over 9 seconds.
2Life LeakaGork30100ftAilmentInstant15sNo CooldownDeals X Elemental damage over 15 seconds.
3'Ey, Quit Bleedin' 30150ftBuffInstant15sNo CooldownHeals X life over 15 seconds.
4'Ere We Go!Da Green25No RangeBuffInstant10s10sEveryone in your group's next attack within 10 seconds deals an additional X Elemental damage.
5Bunch o' WaaaghGork13/second100ftDamagingChanneled6s11sYou concentrate on your target for up to 6 seconds, repeatedly dealing X Elemental damage to them as long as you maintain your concentration.
6Bleed Fer' MeMork35100ftAilmentInstant24s10sYou deal X Elemental damage to your target over 24 seconds, and your defensive target is healed for the damage done.
7Mork's BufferDa Green55No RangeBuffInstant1 hour Increases all resistances of everyone in your group by X for 1 hour.
7Look Over There! 20100ftDebuffInstant15s15sDetaunts your target, making them hate you less and causing them deal 50% less damage to you for 15 seconds. If you attack anyone that you have Detaunted, the effect will end.
8Bigger, Better, An'GreenerMork45150ftHealing2.5s No CooldownRestores X health. This is a fragile spell, and will always be set back by a large amount if you are damaged while casting it.
9Yer Not So Bad 40100ftAilment2s9s20sSteals 180 AP from your target over 9 seconds.
10Gedup! 20100ftHealingInstant 3sResurrect your target with 20% health.
12Get'n SmarterDa Green30100ftAilmentInstant15s10sSteals X Intelligence from your target for 15 seconds.
14Don' Feel NuthinMork35150ftBuffInstant9s20sSurrounds an ally with a magical barrier that absorbs up to X damage for up to 9 seconds.
16Greener 'n Cleaner 25150ftHealingInstant 5sYou cleanse one ally, removing one Curse or Ailment. Target must be Cursed or Ailing.
18Rune of CleavingDa Green30100ftAilment2s20s No CooldownDeals X Elemental damage. Your target's Strength is also reduced by Y for 20 seconds.
20Gather RoundMork65150ftHealing3s No CooldownHeals your entire group for X health.
25Eeeek! 55No RangeDebuffInstant 60sYou, and all enemies near you, are blasted with Waaagh!, knocking away players and knocking monsters down.
30Stop hittin' me!Gork40No RangeBuffInstant10s30sYour chance to disrupt attacks is increased by 5%, and you Detaunt all enemies within 30 feet for 10 seconds, making them hate you less and causing them to deal 50% less damage to you. If you attack anyone you have Detaunted, the effect will immediately end.
35You Got Nuthin!Da Green25100ftAilment1s5s30sDeals X Elemental damage and silences your target, making them unable to use magic for 5 seconds.
40Scuse Me!Gork45No RangeAilment2s20s10sA cone of energy strikes enemies in front of you, up to 65 feet away, dealing X Elemental damage and reducing their Elemental resistance by Y for 20 seconds.
Masteries that build CORE Actions
x5Big Waaagh!Gork45100ftDamaging1s 20sDeals X Elemental damage.
x9Da Waaagh! Is ComingGork5080ftDamaging3s No CooldownDeals X Elemental damage to your target. Then deals Y Elemental damage to 2 targets near the original target, and deals Z Elemental damage to 2 targets near each of the secondary targets. Targets can not be hit more than once by the ability.
x13Geddof!Gork20100ftDebuff2s 20sDeals X Elemental damage to your target and all other enemies within 20 feet of them, and knocks them backwards.
x5Gork's BarbsDa Green30100ftAilment2s10s10sDeals X Elemental damage to the target. For 10 seconds, debuff also deals Y Elemental damage every time the target uses a melee action.
x9You'z SquishyDa Green20100ftAilmentInstant20s No CooldownYour target and all other enemies within 30 feet have their Toughness reduced by X for 20 seconds.
x13Sticky FeetzDa Green20100ftAilment1s10s30sFor 10 seconds, all enemies within 30 feet of a spot that you select will have their Elemental resistance reduced by X and become snared, reducing their run speed by 60%.
x5I'll Take That!Mork25100ftDamaging2s No CooldownDeals X Elemental damage to your target, and heals your defensive target for the amount of damage done.
x9Do Sumfin Useful!Mork35150ftBuffInstant9sNo CooldownYour target regains X health over 9 seconds. Spends Waaagh to increase Toughness by Y for each point of Waaagh!, up to 3 points.
x13Shrug It OffMork3530ftHealingInstant 3 minutesResurrects all fallen group members within 30 feet, and does not cause Resurrection Sickness. Anyone resurrected by this effect will regain 50% of their hit points.


RankAbilityMorale RankRangeDurationDescription
CORE Morale
8Divine Favor1150ft A strong heal that will restore X health to your target.
12Rampaging Siphon230ft Deals X damage to all enemies within 30 feet, and heals your entire group for the full amount of the damage dealt.
16Steal Life1100ft9sYour target suffers X damage over 9 seconds, and you are healed for half of the damage dealt.
20Focused Mind2 10sFor the next 10 seconds, you will remove and ignore any silencing, disarming, rooting, snaring effects and your abilities will build 50% faster and you may not be set back.
24Divine Protection3No Range10sEveryone in your group is surrounded by a protective shield for the next 10 seconds that will absorb up to X damage from melee abilities.
28Gork Sez Stop1100ft2sYour target takes X damage over 2s. If the target moves, the duration is restarted.
32Breath of Mork2150ft9sHeals your target for X health every 3s over 9s. Each pulse also heals those around the target within 30 feet.
36You Weren't Using Dat330ft Steals 100 AP from each enemy within 30 feet, and gives 50% of the stolen AP to you.
40Alter Fate430ft9s/10sResurrects all groupmates within 30 feet. Anyone who is brought back from the dead will also be healed for X over 9 seconds, and they will deal 20% more damage for 10 seconds.
Masteries that build CORE Morale
x15Gork-Fists of Gork4100ft Deals X damage and knocks back all enemies within 30 feet.
x15Mork-Feelz No Pain4No Range10sHeals group members X health over 10 seconds, and decreases damage against them by 25% for 10 seconds.
x15Da Green-Steal Yer Thunder4100ft15sReduces the stats of all enemies within 30 feet of your target by X (except Wounds), and increases all your groupmember's stats by X (except Wounds) for 15 seconds.
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