Lair of the Bandit Queen (WAR Lair)  

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A tale was told years ago of a bandit queen by the name of Renatta Betz, who gathered a mighty force of brigands and cutthroats and pushed deep into the Dragonback Mountains in search of Dwarf gold. They had made for the mining fortress of Ekrund, knowing full well that it had fallen to the greenskins in years past and would be their best option, for a Dwarf and his gold are not easily parted.

Renatta's Highwaymen, as they were known throughout the Empire, stumbled upon a Dwarf cache of gold and gems almost immediately after entering the dusty halls of the timeworn Dwarf hold. Unfortunately, a greenskin warband stumbled upon Renatta's force shortly thereafter.

As her men were cut down by the brutal greenskin warband, Renatta gathered her bodyguards to her, along with a king's ransom in gold and gems, and made for the heights of the Dragonback mountains. Her attempt at escape was short-lived. Goblin wolfriders hounded Renatta at every turn, and only after she had slipped inside a hidden cavern was she able to give the beasts the slip.

Many believe the story to be barroom chatter: the idle musings of drunks and charlatans attempting to persuade a gullible merchant into buying more ale on their behalf. When a prospector arrived in Altdorf telling a tale of fabulous riches in a tomb high in the Dragonspine Mountains, the opinions of the tale's veracity changed.

The prospector spoke of a round stone that barred entrance to the tomb, and a woman's voice within that beckoned to him, offering a king's ransom of Dwarf gold if he were to free her. All he had to do was find the key. The prospector searched for days around the mouth of the tomb but could not find the key the voice spoke of. He was eventually chased off by a pack of rabid snotlings, and made his way to Altdorf in search of help in recovering this gold. He has since disappeared into wilds of the Dragonback Mountains, but his story lives on.

Where is it?

The Lair of the Bandit Queen is located in the Ekrund RvR zone, at the following coordinates: 58k, 3k. You have to run up into the mountains a bit. If you are standing near the following picture, you should be able to get up.

Once up there, follow the path to the east until you reach the door.

How do you get in?

Who do you fight?

Show me the Loot!


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