Final Fantasy XIV Official Merchandise (FFXIV)  

Square-Enix has always excelled in the art and design of their games. People have been captivated by them for over two decades, and SE definitely does not disappoint when it comes to collectibles for their products. Through the Square-Enix Shop, you can purchase memorabilia from a wide variety of your favorite SE games.

Listed below is a sampling of merchandise available through ZAM's very own officially sponsored 2010 Pumpkin Carving Contest. Most of which has been very kindly provided to ZAM directly from Square-Enix.

Merchandise Details

Merchandise Details
Item Link Description
Final Fantasy XIV Official Soundtrack Composed by the master himself, Nobuo Uematsu. Returning to Square-Enix after having left to pursue his own musical ventures, Uematsu creates another musical masterpiece with the FFXIV soundtrack.
Final Fantasy XIV Moogle Plushie First appearing in Final Fantasy III, the adorable little winged creatures known as Moogles have become a staple of the Final Fantasy series.
Final Fantasy XIV Guildleve Collectors' Strap Featuring various Guildleve Plate designs and coming in three varieties, these collectors's straps are uniquely XIV.
Final Fantasy XIV Branded Snakebyte PS3 Controller As has been pointed out by many users so far in the XIV community, Final Fantasy XIV has a certain fluidity only achievable through a gaming controller. This officially licensed PS3 controller carries the FFXIV brand upon it, and a pretty sleek design as well.

Final Fantasy XIV

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