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The development and management teams continue to address the questions and concerns of the community in an ongoing FAQ.

The topic addressed this time around is changes made in the November version update.

The November Version Update

Q. Was the movement speed of PCs slowed down in the version update? My Lalafell seems more sluggish and slothful, a mere shadow of his former, sprightly self.

The movement speed of PCs has not been adjusted in the slightest. What has changed, however, is the angle of the game camera. Though this minor alteration may give the false perception of slower movement, we assure players that this is not the case.

Q. The response time of the user interface (UI) has certainly improved as a result of the version update, but my gaming gut tells me that the retainer interface screen has become heavier. Am I right or am I right?

You are right. This issue will be addressed in the December version update. Changes are currently being made to the programming underlying this portion of the UI that will considerably improve response times.

Q. I can no longer navigate through the tabs on the Attributes, Inventory, and retainer interface screens using the D-pad on my controller. What gives?

Prior to the November version update, selecting tabs with a controller was accomplished by moving the cursor to the desired tab using the D-pad and then pressing the Select/Confirm button. This method was removed, however, and now any of the following methods may be used in its place to navigate tabs:

  • Keyboard: Tab, Shift+Tab
  • Gamepad: Open Macros (Ctrl), Open Macros (Alt)
    • Gamepad settings can be accessed via the FINAL FANTASY XIV Config program.
  • Mouse: Mouse-over and left-click

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