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The development and management teams continue to address the questions and concerns of the community in an ongoing FAQ.

The topic addressed this time around is gear.


Q. What happens if I equip a piece of gear, but am not the favored class or rank listed in the item details?

Equipping a piece of gear as anything other than the favored class or optimal rank effectively lowers the item's stats. The larger the gap between an item's optimal rank and the player's current rank, the greater this reduction will be. There are instances, therefore, when equipping a high-rank item will grant lower stats than a low-rank item that is closer to the player's rank.

Q. What is this "slot cost" malarkey that I see in the stats for accessory items?

The slot cost of an accessory is the cost required to equip it. An accessory cannot be equipped if doing so would place the combined slot cost total of all equipped accessories above the maximum available to the player. A player's current used and remaining slot cost values can be viewed in the Gear window.

Ex.) Three accessories with slot costs of 4 each may be simultaneously equipped by a player with 12 available points. After doing so, that player can equip no further accessories, as the 12-point capacity has been reached.

Q. Do the conjurer's Spirit Dart and thaumaturge's Phantom Dart actions qualify as physical or magical attacks?

This property is determined by the weapon being wielded. As nearly all conjurer and thaumaturge primary arms are magical in nature, Spirit Dart and Phantom Dart are, more often than not, magical attacks.

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