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Gear Condition and Damage

Q. What happens when my gear suffers damage and the condition worsens?

Certain gear stats, such as attack and defense (see chart below), will decrease as an item sustains damage and it's condition worsens, lessening the benefits it provides to the character equipping it.

Gear Condition-dependent Stats
Discipline of War & Magic Arms Attack, Potency
Discipline of the Land Tools Gathering, Output
Discipline of the Hand Tools Craftsmanship, Magic Craftsmanship
Armor & Accessories Defense, Magic Defense, Evasion, Resistances (eg. Slashing 3%, etc.)

Q. What are the Gear Damage and Heavy Gear Damage statuses I sometimes see?

These statuses reflect the current condition of one or more pieces of equipped gear. When an item's condition falls below 50%, a character will be afflicted with the Gear Damage status. Should further damage be sustained without repairing, the Heavy Gear Damage status will appear, indicating that an equipped item's condition has fallen below 20%. As with other statuses, the icons will appear in the upper portion of the screen. Currently, gear stats will decrease at a certain rate up until the Heavy Gear Damage status appears, after which point they will decline much more rapidly.

Q. My arms always seem to get damaged so quickly. Why?

There are currently changes planned that will balance the rate at which gear condition worsens. This will affect not only arms, but also tools, armor, and accessories.

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