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Markets and Me

Q. The Market areas seem to be quite unstable. Is anything being done to fix the problem?

We are fully aware of the inconvenience caused by frequent crashes occurring in these areas, and offer our sincerest apologies. We have made alleviating this issue our top priority, and currently have a team working on a solution.

Q. What type of changes/adjustments can we expect for the Markets in the near future?

Our immediate focus is to ensure players can easily and efficiently locate the items they seek, and have therefore been working on further improving the recently introduced item search feature. From there, we will proceed in revamping the Markets system, addressing issues such as stand functionality and the possible opening of auction houses.

Q. Many players have chosen to sell their wares in the Middle Tailors Ward/Row/Den, causing these areas to fill up quickly with retainers. Will this issue be addressed?

While only temporary measures until the market system is revamped, we currently have several fixes planned to address these issues, including area reformatting and an increase in the number of retainers that can be stationed in any single location.

Q. When will players be able to hire more than two retainers?

Currently, we intend to allow the hiring of additional retainers once all planned system changes have been executed. The ultimate date of implementation, however, may change depending on player response to the changes.

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