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EverQuest II

This page is for help with the ZAM EQII Broker Feed. For information on using the in-game broker, see Consignment System.

ZAM has worked with SOE to provide a near-live continuous update of the state of the EQII Broker system. Using this system, you can check the status of items you have for sale. You can check historical pricing information across all servers for items. You can delve into detailed pricing information to give you the best possible information regarding EQ2's economic state.

How do I set a broker watch?

EQII ZAM has a notification system, designed to allow you to be notified if a given item appears on an EQII server for at or below a specified price. You can set a watch on the individual item pages. Select the server you wish to keep an eye on, select the price you wish to be notified for, and click the Set Watch button.

What format should the price information be in?

Prices can be entered in raw copper (eg: 100 = 1s) or per coin. 1p 2g 43s 21c for example.

I screwed up - how do I change my alert?

Cancel your alert by clicking [Cancel], and set a new one.

How often is the broker info refreshed?

Information is updated continuously, but due to the complexity of the system; it may take about 4 minutes for in game changes to be reflected on our database. Longer after a server restart. Check the Server Status page for realtime status information.

Can I buy or sell from the ZAM EQII Broker?

No, the ZAM EQ2 broker feed only displays what is available in game.

Can I get alerts via email or text messaging?

Yes, this is coming.

Where can I leave feedback?

As always, the feedback forum.

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