Divine Points (Aion)  

Divine Points (or DP) are just like Mana Points, except they are used to power Divine Spell skills like Celestial Word I (PW). DP begin accumulating when you reach level 10. You get about 50 DP for each kill of whatever size. At level 21 the DP/kill is 64 but we are unsure what the scaling factor is. More research and observation is needed.

As a Daeva, you are an ascended being and your Divine Power is reflected, visually, as a Divine Aura, or Radiance, surrounding your body.

There are three levels of Divine Radiance, each with a visible Aura that surrounds you. Level I (2000 DP) is a misty white, level II (3000 DP) is a radiant blue, and Level III (4000 DP) is a golden mist with radiant blue beams.

Level I
Level I
Level II
Level II
Level III
Level III
Death will cost you all of your currently stored Divine Points, as will camping or logging out (for more than 5 minutes), so you may as well use them. Offsetting the loss of DP from camping is the gain of Repletion.

All Level I Divine skills cost 2000 DP to use, but do massive, instant, damage. These are your "oh, crap, I am about to die" skills. Some skills, such as Morph Substances, also costs DP to use, but in smaller amounts.

It is assumed that Level II skills cost 3000 DP to use, and Level III costs the entire 4000 DP. If you are looking for a duel, avoid the meek-looking squishy with the gold-and-blue glow!

It has been rumored that maintaining a DP III aura actually increases your DPS, and that Max DP would increase your chance of creating a Gold when crafting, and the PowerWiki originally agreed. However, the Devs have come forward on the official forums[1] to state that DP has no effect on crafting. The PowerWiki has been changed to reflect this.[2]

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