Death (Aion)  

A Daeva succumbs to her wounds
There are only two unavoidable things in this world; Death, and taxes. —Samuel "Mark Twain" Clements

Death in Aion is a temporary set-back, as you are no mere mortal, but an immortal Daeva! The gift of the Aether singing in your blood (well, spirit, anyway. You are dead, after all) allows you two options: Resurrection or Revival.

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You will return to physical existence exhausted by the trauma of your recent death. This means that you will have roughly 25% of your max health and mana, and you lose all of your Divine Points. You will also have a detrimental effect, Soul Sickness, which lowers all of your statistics, including Movement Rate, for a time. Also, you will lose an amount of Experience (often referred to as Exp Debt). But fear not! For a price (roughly Kinah per 100 recoverable XP) a Soul Healer can remove the sickness and restore a portion of your lost XP. The price for this service rises, of course, based on the amount of debt on your soul.

You will still receive Soul Sickness if you are killed in PvP combat, but you will not lose any XP, and you do not lose your Divine Points. Any Soul Healer can remove the sickness for Kinah .


If there is a Priest nearby, or if you have an Reviving Elemental Stone, or if anyone nearby has an Elemental Stone of Resurrection or an Reviving Elemental Stone, you can be resurrected on the spot. You will still suffer the penalties, detailed above, but you will not have to travel back to your group.

Important Note: If you are in a group and get swarmed and your healer goes down, if you can get an Elemental Stone of Resurrection off before you die, your healer can accept the Resurrection after the mobs have reset! Your death does not cancel the resurrection once it is cast!

Obelisks, Kisks and Revival

An Asmodian Obelisk
An Elyos Obelisk
If no one is available to resurrect you, you can revive at your bind spot. This will be either the field that you first awoke in, or the Obelisk or Kisk where you last bound your soul. Luckily, there will always be a Soul Healer standing next to the Obelisk. Kisks, unfortunately, do not have this advantage, but whatever debt remains when you do find a Soul Healer, she can take care of your remaining debt at that time.

Kisks are small, single-use, portable Obelisks, and come in many sizes from Small to Large, with some that are intended for the use of entire raid forces. All kisks are race-locked and can only be used by Elyos or Asmodians, never both. The opposing team can attack and destroy your kisk, so be sure you protect it!

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