Curse Tree I (Aion Item)  

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Curse Tree I
Type Stigma Stone
Available for Sorcerer Level 20 or higher

Once you are equipped with this Stigma Stone, you can use the Curse Tree I (PW) skill. You can equip the Stigma Stone with the help of a Stigma Master NPC.

Equip Cost: 80 Stigma Shards

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Curse Tree I
Sorcerer skill
Available at Level 20 and higher (from Curse Tree I).
Transforms the target into a tree for 20 sec. The Transformed target cannot move or act, and its All Elemental Defenses increases. Once the target is attacked, the effect disappears immediately.
Gains Stigma.

The effect of the skill will be different from these base values, depending on the character's level, equipped items, and other bonuses.

Target:Selected target
Casting Time:1.5 sec
Cooldown:30 sec
Cost: MP 74

Available when you equip Physical Weapon

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