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Race: Kobold
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Slaves of the Krall.

The Kobolds are one species of a larger group, called Sapiens.

Allied with the Krall, the Kobolds are a servile race found in the lands of the Elyos. In their typically beggarly manner they have grown comfortable in their subservient position, eagerly coming to the Krall's aid when prompted. It is not in battle where they are most needed however, but in the Krall mining pits, where hundreds of Kobolds can be found hollowing out the Elysian landscape.

The Kobolds are organized into tribes, each tribe tied to a specific Krall tribe. As to their religion, the Kobolds are Shamanistic, their gods being anthropomorphised animals and creatures. For instance, one of their gods resembles a large Kobold with the head of a Brax, and another is tree-like.[1]

Krall and Kobolds are only found in Elysea. Their counterparts in Asmodae are the Mau and Skurvs.

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