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Item Sets in Aion have a similar appearance, and will have similar or complimentary benefits. Also, some sets have set bonuses which give extra benefits when equipping more than one piece of the same set.

Item Set pages live in the Template: namespace, so you will find them at the bottom of this category. The Articles listed are the individual Items that belong to those Item Sets.

Armor Sets and Accessory Sets are considered subsets of Item Sets. Head sets will appear as Accessory but the appropriate Head item will also appear on the Armor Set page, assuming there is one.

Item Sets by Level
2 Plainsman's (PW/AA)
of the Prairie (PW/AA)
3 Raider's (PW/AA)
4 Plainsman's Cloth (PW/AA)Plainsman's Leather (PW/AA)Plainsman's Chain (PW/AA)
of the Prairie Cloth (PW/AA)of the Prairie Leather (PW/AA)of the Prairie Chain (PW/AA)
5 Raider's Cloth (PW/AA)Raider's Leather (PW/AA)Raider's Chain (PW/AA)
7 Canyon (PW/AA)Aldelle's ClothAldelle's LeatherAldelle's Chain
9 of the Lake (PW/AA)of the Lake Cloth (PW/AA)of the Lake Leather (PW/AA)of the Lake Chain (PW/AA)
Canyon Cloth (PW/AA)Canyon Leather (PW/AA)Canyon Chain (PW/AA)
Night Sky
12Weald HeadWeald
Midnight ClothMidnight LeatherMidnight ChainMidnight Plate
14 Weald ClothWeald LeatherWeald ChainWeald Plate
15Midnight Head
17 Restless ClothRestless LeatherRestless ChainRestless Plate
Mirage Cloth (PW/AA)Mirage Leather (PW/AA)Mirage Chain (PW/AA)Mirage Plate (PW/AA)
22Desolation Head (PW/AA)
Tundra Head (PW/AA)
Desolation (PW/AA)
Tundra (PW/AA)
Pioneer's Cloth (PW/AA)Pioneer's Leather (PW/AA)Pioneer's Chain (PW/AA)Pioneer's Plate (PW/AA)
23 Fate Cloth (PW/AA)Fate Leather (PW/AA)Fate Chain (PW/AA)Fate Plate (PW/AA)
24 Desolation Cloth (PW/AA)
Tundra Cloth (PW/AA)
Desolation Leather (PW/AA)
Tundra Leather (PW/AA)
Desolation Chain (PW/AA)
Tundra Chain (PW/AA)
Desolation Plate (PW/AA)
Tundra Plate (PW/AA)
25 Grounded Cloth (PW/AA)Grounded Leather (PW/AA)Grounded Chain (PW/AA)Grounded Plate (PW/AA)
27Freezing Head (PW/AA)Freezing
29 Freezing Cloth (PW/AA)Freezing Leather (PW/AA)Freezing Chain (PW/AA)Freezing Plate (PW/AA)
30 Daevanion (PW/AA)Shrewd Cloth
Wise Cloth
Flash LeatherMercy ChainCourage Plate
32Volcano Head (PW/AA)Volcano (PW/AA)Ancient Daeva's Cloth (PW/AA)Ancient Daeva's Leather (PW/AA)Ancient Daeva's Chain (PW/AA)Ancient Daeva's Plate (PW/AA)
Arkanis ClothArkanis LeatherArkanis ChainArkanis Plate
33Death Head (PW/AA)Death (PW/AA)Death Cloth (PW/AA)Death Leather (PW/AA)Death Chain (PW/AA)Death Plate (PW/AA)
39 Barrens Cloth (PW/AA)Barrens Leather (PW/AA)Barrens Chain (PW/AA)Barrens Plate (PW/AA)
40Barrens (PW/AA)Barrens (PW/AA)
40Bloody Flame
Archon Centurion's HeadArchon Centurion'sArchon Centurion's ClothArchon Centurion's LeatherArchon Centurion's ChainArchon Centurion's Plate
44 Shulack Sailor ClothShulack Sailor Leather (PW/AA)Shulack Sailor Chain (PW/AA)Shulack Sailor Plate
Shulack Pirate Cloth (PW/AA)Shulack Pirate Leather (PW/AA)Shulack Pirate Chain (PW/AA)Shulack Pirate Plate
Steel Beard Pirate Cloth (PW/AA)Steel Beard Pirate Leather (PW/AA)Steel Beard Pirate Chain (PW/AA)Steel Beard Pirate Plate
49 Bollvig's ClothBollvig's LeatherBollvig's ChainBollvig's Plate
50 Clandestine Cloth (PW/AA)Clandestine Leather (PW/AA)Clandestine Chain (PW/AA)Clandestine Plate (PW/AA)
Miragent (PW/AA)Miragent ClothMiragent Leather (PW/AA)Miragent Chain (PW/AA)Miragent Plate (PW/AA)
Fenris's (PW/AA)Fenris's Cloth (PW/AA)Fenris's Leather (PW/AA)Fenris's Chain (PW/AA)Fenris's Plate (PW/AA)

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