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During the fall harvest, from time immemorial, the people of Atreia have celebrated the bounty of the land. Years ago, the joy of the annual revels was troubled by an eclipse - a peculiar and magical eclipse that brought darkness to Asmodae and Elysea. Ever since, for days during Harvest Revel, the sky goes dark and the peoples of Atreia join the hunt.

Asmodians find soothing peace during the dark days of the Harvest Revel. They celebrate by racing after the Wild Kurthanir hunt leader during the Wild Hunt and cooking special traditional dishes.

Elyos endure the dark days because during them the dead of Elysea are restless. Undead creatures rise from the grave every few hours, pulled back into a semblance of life by the power of the eclipse. Elyos must join roving Dark Night bands to hunt and destroy the undead before they invade Elyos villages.

Log in each day during Harvest Revel. Celebrate with us and every day rewards your investment with new Aion lore and tasty treats!

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Harvest Revel will run from October 24th through November 7th.


This year the Harvest Revel will run from October 25th through the 31st. Each day, Players receive a survey, in-game, (depending on race) with a gift. The survey can only be answered by one character per server per account. The survey is sent at 9pm PST the night before.

Despite the apparent growing promise of Wild Hunts (for the Asmodians) and Undead uprisings (fro the Elyos), that never materialized.

October 25, 2009

  • Harvest Revel - Day 1
[Event] Sparkie Candy (5)

The Harvest festival is just a shadow of what it once was before the cataclysm--A great holiday when all of Atreia would celebrate the first fruits gathered from the harvest with feasts and merry-making. Asmodians do their best to honor the ancient holiday even in their dark land. And in recent years, an unusual darkness in the sky accompanies each Harvest Revel week.


In ancient Atreia, the Harvest Revel was a time of feasting--a time when Humans and Deavas alike could rest after the crops were gathered and feast their good fortune. But since the folly of a human named Moros shortly after the Cataclysm, Elysea is plagued with roving bands of undead every year at Harvest Revel Time.

October 26, 2009

  • Harvest Revel - Day 2
[Event] Pluma Candy (5)

Immediately after the Cataclysm, the people of Asmodae did their best to celebrate the Harvest Revel, despite the ravaged land they now called home. Several decades after the Cataclysm, a week-long eclipse made Asmodae even darker than usual at the time of the Harvest Revel. The Asmodians did not know why the shadows grew even deeper, but they took it as a good omen—that the shadows would shelter them even during times of scarcity.


Moros, a well regarded sage, wanted to know what happened to the Five Empyrean Lords that were unaccounted for after the Cataclysm. He was wise enough to know that there surely was an ancient magic that would aid him, but he wouldn't have known where to go for it himself. So he went to the only creatures that he knew would have—or could find—the answers if he could dig deep enough into his pockets: The Shugos.

October 27, 2009

  • Harvest Revel - Day 3
[Event] Fungie Candy (5)

Today, each community in Asmodae gathers for a daily hunt focused on a particular animal—whatever's handy in that part od Asmodae. Able-bodied hunters go out into the wild looking for that particular animal, and when they return, the whole community honors the hunter that rings back the biggest specimen. That hunter is the "Aspect of Kurthanir" (named for a hunter from old Atreian folklore). There is usually a prize—a trophy that incorporates the animal somehow. The next day, someone else becomes the Aspect of Kurthanir and gets a different prize. In small communities, it is possible for a hunter of superlative skill to be the Aspect of Kurthanir multiple days in a row.


Moros went to Mericunerk, a trusted Shugo whom he had done business with for many years, and brought his accumulated life savings, promising a fair chunk of it for any information the Shugo could provide. Mericunerk came back with a spell from a mysterious source and, for extra Kinah, provided the locations for the various materials. None were easy to obtain; all were obscure and remain unknown lest someone repeat the folly of Moros. The ancient spell had been kept hidden because of its power and slim margin for error. Hardly necessary before the world divided, as Aion provided any answers Atreia's inhabitants might need, there were no reliable stories of its use and success--only rumors and heresay, and always in low voices.

Ocober 28, 2009

  • Harvest Revel - Day 4
[Event] Drakie Candy (5)

Members of the community who are not hunters pitch in with feast preparation and preparing all the game that the hunters bring back. The feast for each day is simply named for whatever the target for the daily hunt was. The first day might be a Karnif Feast, for example. Asmodae is a culture of scarcity, so the feasts aren't grand affairs. A lot of the extra food is socked away for inevitable lean times—or sent to the Abyss to aid the war effort.


Moros performed the spell, but given the small margin for error and his inexperience with spells of this level, he made a tiny mistake...and then the sky turned black and the undead rose. Elysea was thrown into a week of panic and dismay The eclipse returned next year at the same time...and so did the undead.

Ocober 29, 2009

  • Harvest Revel - Day 5
[Event] Oculazen Candy (5)

The other important Harvest Revel custom is the Wild Hunt—a game that everyone, hunter or not, can participate in. At its heart, the Wild Hunt is a game of "catch me if you can." Someone in the community--often the most athletic person around--becomes "Wild Kurthanir" and dons a strange, feral costume, often incorporating antlers, furs, and other animal parts. Wild Kuthanir then starts running away from the community and into the wilderness. All other participants merely try to keep up with Wild Kurthanir. If they keep up with Wild Kurthanir until Kurthanir is exhausted or reaches the end of his chosen path, Wild Kurthanir gives them a gift of some kind.


Since Moros's folly, the holiday is not celebrated so much as it is endured. The darkness of the eclipse and the undead menace mean the Elyos spend more time indoors with their families, venturing out only when necessary. Thus it's called the Dark Night. And every few hours, undead creatures rise from the grave, pulled back into a semblance of life by the power of the eclipse. They don't communicate and they don't evince any motivation other then to kill every Elyos in their sight.

Ocober 30, 2009

  • Harvest Revel - Day 6
[Event] Agrint Candy (5)

Wild Hunts vary widely in difficulty. Ones designed for children are often simple obstacle courses. But ones for adults--and ones in communities with a military presence,--are often more dangerous, with the Wild Kuthanir heading into dangerous terrain, jumping off cliffs, and running through packs of dangerous creatures. For those Wild Hunts, the rewards are correspondingly greater.


The Elyos have lived with the annual plague of undead for centuries now, but they still have not figured out how to make it stop—or how to predict where and when the undead will show up. So they form roving "Dark Night Bands" that seek out undead and send them back to the grave before they menace the civilians in a community. Every able-bodied Elyos not fighting in the Abyss is expected to join a Dark Night Band for as much time as they can afford—and Daevas on the home front in particular do little else other than stamp out undead risings as soon as they emerge.

October 31, 2009

  • Harvest Revel - Day 7
Pumpkin Hat

Times are lean in Asmodae, so the Harvest Revel lacks the great feats it once had. But even soldiers on the fron in the Abyss get an extra half-ration of food during the Harvest Revel, and many eagerly await word of how the Wild Hunts and daily hunting competitions turn out back on the home front.


Each year, the communities also try to put on some semblance of an "old fashioned" Harvest Revel feast, but because of the undead infestation, they usually do so either right at the beginning (before the undead rise) or at the end (when the sun comes out again). With each passing year, more communities are throwing a feast at the end of the Harvest eclipses--perhaps a new holiday is taking shape in Elysea.

This article refers to events, personae and activities only present in-game during the annual Harvest Revel festivities, which come to Atreia each year sometime between mid-October and early November. Harvest Revel 2012 will run from October 24 to November 7.

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