Artifact (Aion Object)  

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Object Info
Type Artifact
Zone(s) X
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There are many artifacts, most but not all located in Reshanta. In general, an Artifact can emit a very powerful wide-area effect when activated using a Temporal Stone. The effect is determined by the name of the Artifact.

Effect NameEffectLocation(s)
Abyssal AuraDeals 3 pulses of 800 damage to all enemies within rangeSiel's Western Fortress, Siel's Eastern Fortress
Abyssal AegisGrants a 5000 damage shield to every ally within range for 15 minutesWings of Siel Archipelago
Daevic EffluxGrants 1000 DP, +50% Attack Speed, +30% Run Speed, and complete immunity to magic damage for 3 minutes to all allies within rangeSulfur Fortress
Kerubic MetamorphosisIncreases Attack and grants +50% magic Damage absorption for 15 minutes to all allies within rangeSulfur Fortress

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