Alteno's Wedding Ring (Aion Quest)  

Verteron Quest Series
Elyos Only
Can be shared.
Can be abandoned.
Start Zone: Verteron
Start Place: Verteron Citadel
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Talk with Enia in Verteron at Verteron Citadel.
Level 15 Alteno's Wedding Ring
  1. Find the wedding ring
    1. Give the ring to Enia (the wife)
    2. Give the ring to Alteno (the husband)
 Basic Reward
  • Depends on who you give the ring to.
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Quest Notes

The ring is located on the far side of the bay, at the extreme west of the shoreline. Follow the water around to your left until you see a purple box on the grass near the water as shown in the photo above. The exact /loc is X=1521, Y=1109, Z=100.8.

[[pos:Ring Box;210030000 1521 1109 100.8 -1]] (cut and paste this into chat for a map link)

The reward depends on who you give it to.

  • If you give it to the wife, Enia, you receive30,600 XP, 4,140 Kinah , 1 Iron coin which I dont know the code to since I am new, and Enia's Lunch Box (3) (PW/AA). (updated 3/2014)
  • If you give it to the husband, Alteno, you receive 3,600 Kinah and 27,000 XP, but no Lunch Box. (needs updating)

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