Add Ons for WotLK (WoW)  

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Even though WotLK is still in Beta, many of the common add-ons do work or are being updated to work in it. Following here is a list of the known addons that beta testers can use in the recent build.

Add On Working? Add On Working? Add On Working?
Acheron Yes Fubar-PetFu WotLK Yes Prat 3.0 (Alpha) Yes
Achievement SS Yes FuBar - PetInfoFu Yes Prayer of Mending Tracker Yes
Adapt Yes FuBar_ReloadUI Yes QualityID-WotLK Yes
ag_UnitFrames Yes FuBar - SkillsPlusFu Yes QueTip Yes
AllPlayed Yes FubBar - SkillsPlusFuLt Yes Random Death Sounds Yes
Altoholic Yes Geist Yes Rasters Quest Mod Yes
Are You Threatening Me? Yes Gem Quota Yes RepWatch Yes
ArkInventory Yes Gossipmonger Yes RicoMiniMap Yes
Attack Bar Timer Yes Group O Matic Yes Runemaster Yes
Auto_LootFu Yes Hadar's Focus Frame Yes RuneMover Yes
BabySeal Yes HealBot continued - WotLK beta version Yes RuneWatch Yes
Bagnon Yes HitsBroker Yes Say Cheeze Yes
Barebones Autologger Yes HitsMode Yes Scout Yes
BaudErrorFrame Yes Huggie Yes SCT Yes
Behaviors (beta) Yes Hunter's Mark Alert Yes SCTD Yes
Bg Assist Yes Improved Merchant Yes ScudRune Yes
BindPad Yes Instabolt Yes SellFish Yes
Blazing Saddles Yes ItemID WotLK Edition Discontinued No Servant of Arthas Yes
BonusScanner Continued Yes ItemLevel Yes SharedMedia Yes
Bookworm Yes ItemRack Yes ShockAndAwe (formerly DisqoDice) Yes
BossTalk Yes Its' Death Knight Timer Yes Simple Buff Bars Yes
BTEX Yes JebusMail Yes Simple Music Yes
BuffEnough Yes Jiral's Ammo Warning Yes (SL)DataText Yes
BuffUptime Yes Jobs'a'goodn Yes SmartBuff Yes
ButtonFacade_ItemRack Yes Kennel Yes SmartDebuff Yes
Calendar Export Yes LinkToolTip Yes SolaceBuffDisplay Yes
cargExplorer2 Yes LiteTip Yes SolaceStones Yes
CCopy Yes LoggerHead Yes SpiritSlinker Yes
Chatter Yes Ludwig Yes StatusColour Yes
Chat Alias Lite Yes LynLocation Yes StatusQuo Yes
Chat Buddy Yes LynRune Yes Sympathy Yes
Chat Watch Yes LynStats Yes Tabby Yes
Class Buttons Yes Macaroon Yes Tankadin2 Yes
Classic Deathknight Frames Yes Magic Targets Yes tekticles Yes
Combuctor Yes MainBarHide Yes Threatening Yes
_Dev Yes MapBegone Yes TinyPad Yes
Daviesh's Aspect Frame Yes Mapster Yes TipTop Yes
Daviesh's Trap Frame Yes MikScrollingBattleText Yes Titan Panel Yes
Deadly Functions Yes MobSpells Yes TotemManager Yes
Decursive 2.2.0 Yes MoreDressUpButtons Yes TrackingMismatch Yes
DemonDaemon Yes N52Bar Yes TradeLinks Yes
DevTools Yes NugEnergy Yes Trainerskills for WOTLK Yes
Dominos Yes NugRunning Yes _UTF Yes
EasyCopy for WotLK Yes NugThreat Yes UberQuest 3.0.4 Yes
EavesDrop Yes OmniCC Yes UIScale Yes
eCastingBar Beta Yes oUF_Nuga Yes Unholy Duration Yes
Elkano's BuffBars Yes Outfitter Yes Urban Achiever Yes
Elkano's FramesResized Yes PassLoot Yes Vux Add-on Pack Yes
Enhanced Tradeskills Yes Paw Prints Yes Warmath Adjusted Item Level Yes
EWOlson_FlightMasters Yes Perl Classic Unit Frames Yes Wasabi Yes
eXtreme Unit Buttons RC4 Yes PetXPBar Yes Weapon Rebuff 3.0 Yes
FocusFrame Yes PocketPlot Yes WidgetMeters Yes
Fubar - DominosFu Yes PolMonitor Yes WotLKIcons Yes
FuBar_FactionsFu UNOFFICIAL Yes PopupActions Yes WowScribe Yes
FuBar - ItemRackFu Yes Possessions Yes X-Perl UnitFrames Yes
All add-ons listed can be found at our sister site WoW Interface.

New updates

Add On Working? Add On Working? Add On Working? Add On Working? Add On Working?
ComeHere Yes Condensed SpellBook 2 Yes Converge Yes CraftCount Yes CritterHelper Yes
RatingBuster Yes Sell-O-Matic Yes Shaman Warning Yes Shardbag Hider Yes TellMeWhen yes
Zaehlstrom Yes zThreatMeter Yes

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