Insomnia Medicine (Aion Quest)  

Poeta Quest Series
Elyos Only
Can be shared.
Can be abandoned.
Start Zone: Poeta
Start Place: Daminu Forest
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Talk with Namus in Poeta at Daminu Forest.
Level 4 Insomnia Medicine
  1. Take 5 Sylphen Wings to Uno
    • Put it in a Soup?
    • Put it in juice?
  2. Take the remedy prepared by Uno to Namus
Namus suffers from insomnia. Eating Sylphen Wings will cure insomnia, but the problem is that it has a very strong fishy smell.

Gather five Sylphen wings and ask Uno to make them edible.

 Basic Reward
  • Unknown
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Quest Notes

Hunt any of the Sylphen that inhabit Daminu Forest for the Sylphen Wings. This is a common drop.

The reward varies. If you bring him Sylphen Juice (PW/AA), you receive 450 Kinah but only 1,150 XP. If you bring him Sylphen Soup (PW/AA), instead, you get only 250 Kinah but get 1,450 XP. So, which do you want more? XP or Kinah?

Sylphen are plentiful at the entrance to Daminu Forest from Cliona Lake.

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