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[quote=I]There is no greater high than that one gets while mixing Music, Drugs, & Alcohol together after a long work day[/quote] [quote=BT]EQ is like the chick you used to bang, and then you don't see her for awhile, and she pops out a couple kids and gains a ton of weight. You can't really defend her, but you feel obligated to, because once upon a time you had something. Also, she was the first one that ever swallowed[/quote] [link=http://www.stripgenerator.com/viewEng.php?id=109982][:lol:][/link] [quote=Nixnot]Drift, you are my hero.[/quote] [i]Drift is a horrible low down dirty deed do'er. He is the fuzzy lichen that grows on the underbellies of rotting trees. The slime found on the outer casing of earthworms is more likeable than Drift. I once watched him skin a baby in front of it's own mother, then cook and feed the baby to her as she screamed and pleaded for mercy. Of all the evil men that ever were, are, or will be, Drift outclasses them all in evil deeds. In other words, he's OK in my book. Nixnot [link=http://www.driftwoodcove.com/]Driftwood Cove, Ontario[/link] [quote=Master NixNot][quote=Driftwood]I live in Canadia land where we buy bags of milk.[/quote] Weirdos[/quote] [link=http://www.cynical-c.com/archives/bloggraphics/milk3.jpg]mmmmm, milk[/link] [quote=tarubstchef]Will you two cut some of the fat off and start "zomg I like music too !" dry humping each other already ? I'm bored. Do it right here. Drift , you wear this banana suit. John , you either dress as a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or cover your self with PB & J [quote]Its peanut butter jelly time ![/quote] Now , what to do with this baseball bat ? :D[/quote][/sm] [quote=Lord Justdistaint]You soooo remind me of my Dad. [/quote] [Quote=NaturesParadox and Remorajunbao]I freaking hate you.[/quote]

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