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Updated Quests: Harvest of SorrowEmpty Nester (10 Points)


Bestiary Updates: a mature shik`nar outcasta reishi sprouta sensate reishi eldera toughened phlarg fiendGhost of Glohnor



Updated Items: Acolyte's Focus of the SelenelionBlood Raven TalonFigurine Collector's Chest: DenizensWishing Lamp: Zephyr's FlightWishing Lamp: The Stone DemesneWishing Lamp: Palace of Embers


New Quests: Miragul's Phylactery Traveler (10 Points)


Updated Quests: Werewolf Hunters


Updated Recipes: Horse Meat SausageDarkhollow Basilisk SausageTreant Vegetable SausageBlood SausageSpiced Blood SausageMinotaur Meat SausageFreshwater Fish SausageDistorted Seminal IncandessenceFractured Seminal IncandessencePhased Seminal IncandessenceWarped Seminal IncandessenceShark Fin Sausage


Bestiary Updates: Fluttershadea wild rhinoShak Dathor Overlord



Updated Items: Writ of the ScaleVotive CandleVestment of the DragonMedallion of the DragonKneeling PadGolden CenserCandelabraBlood ChaliceApparitional Amice FastenerHawk Feather TrinketRusty Gate KeyBloodforged Leather Arms OrnamentBazu Claw Hammer


Updated Quests: Rusty Gate KeyWulthan Ceremonies (Gorowyn)Vestiges of Rampage (10 Points)


Updated Recipes: Distorted Coeval IncandessenceFractured Coeval IncandessencePhased Coeval IncandessenceWarped Coeval IncandessenceDistorted Eternal IncandessenceFractured Eternal IncandessencePhased Eternal IncandessenceWarped Eternal IncandessenceDistorted Primeval IncandessenceFractured Primeval IncandessencePhased Primeval IncandessenceWarped Primeval IncandessenceDistorted Medial IncandessenceFractured Medial IncandessencePhased Medial IncandessenceWarped Medial Incandessence


Bestiary Updates: Naskado the DementedFluttershadeOracle Vro`ZokFestersting the Diminutivea Wulthan coadjutora Wulthan grand inquisitora wulthan priesta Wulthan administratorWulthan High Inquisitor KrazWulthan Elder Priest Ovunspirit-touched rubblespirit-touched scrapFowl Matriarchanimated debrisShaded Chest



Updated Items: Elemental OreTarnished Loop of MisfortuneIntact Vah Shir Claw


Bestiary Updates: Suitor DreziaFowl Matriarch



Updated Items: Fractured Seminal IncandessenceDragon CerebrumAegis of Chaotic WorshipHarmony of the SoulBazu PlasmaSoul Temper


Updated Quests: Monk Epic: Celestial FistsShaman Skull Quest No. 8Mold Seeker


Updated Recipes: Soul TemperDiscordant Savagecry Leather ArmwrapsDiscordant Savagecry Leather BootsDiscordant Savagecry Leather CowlDiscordant Savagecry Leather GlovesDiscordant Savagecry Leather LeggingsDiscordant Savagecry Leather TunicDiscordant Savagecry Leather WristguardDiscordant Savagecry Leather WristbandDiscordant Savagecry Leather Wristguard


Bestiary Updates: MordidSlact the Frozen HandNaskado the DementedTeacher's PetThisla, Twinskull Matron


New Zones: Pal'LomenMoors of NokkLaurion InnHero's ForgeAnkexfen KeepUnkempt WoodsTimorous Falls


Zone Updates: Pal'LomenMoors of NokkLaurion InnHero's ForgeAnkexfen KeepUnkempt WoodsTimorous FallsKurn's Tower



Updated Items: Zatozia's Chocolate Ice Cream ConeRustic Legwraps of ArgathZatozia's Pail of Chocolate Ice CreamFresh Mesa TroutTutelary Mask of the CarbunclePale CloakButler Syncalls FangOtherworldly Amice Fastener


Updated Quests: Find Fibblebrap 2: Lost CavernsBattle for PermafrostBerrina #2: Clash of the KoboldsPrisoner Grub (10 Points)Nights of the Dead: Big Trouble in Little Mesa


Updated Recipes: Rustic Tunic of the TenderRustic Breastplate of the LightRustic Robe of CompulsionRustic Chestwraps of the UnwaveringRustic Robe of the ConjurorRustic Breastplate of OrationRustic Coat of the DivinerRustic Breastplate of the RevenantRustic Robe of the ExhumerRustic Tunic of the WilderRustic Coat of the WardenRustic Robe of the ArcanusRustic Breastplate of HavocRustic Coat of CarnageRustic Coat of the AssassinSpell: Twilight Rune Rk. II


Bestiary Updates: Emissary DrucifelPlann [Quests]a shrewd abettor of Luclina tireless attendant of Luclinan austere steward of Luclinan obedient servant of LuclinIrate Servant of LuclinLaghionan ornate chest - Big Trouble in Little MessaFowl Matriarcha tainted ratTaelin the Fearless [Quest]



Updated Items: Rustic Wristwraps of ArgathBowl of Zatozia's Rainbow SherbetZatozia's Pail of Rainbow Sherbet


Updated Quests: Nights of the Dead: Trick or Treat for the Old ManNights of the Dead: Find the Black CatNights of the Dead: Monster MashNights of the Dead: Making Candy ApplesNights of the Dead: Toadstool SurpriseNights of the Dead: Skeleton ZappingNights of the Dead: Lycanthrope's CureNights of the Dead: Great Zombie AttackNights of the Dead: Nektulos Ghost RiderNights of the Dead: Troublemakers in FaydarkNights of the Dead: Toxxulia Pie FlingNights of the Dead: Aragol's SeanceNights of the Dead: The Hungry HalflingNights of the Dead: Missing Costume PiecesNights of the Dead: Digging Their GravesNights of the Dead: The Hunt for Tattooed FleshNights of the Dead: Rongol #1 - Carry the TorchNights of the Dead: Rongol #2 - Scarecrow RoundupNights of the Dead: Necromancer's GardenNights of the Dead: Haunted CaveNights of the Dead: Undead RisingNights of the Dead: The Bone CollectorNights of the Dead: Out With the OldNights of the Dead: Bone Mask of HorrorNights of the Dead: Terror of Illis TaberishNights of the Dead: Under Your SkinNights of the Dead: The Witch's Wishes


Updated Recipes: Exquisite Silk Pant TemplateExquisite Silk Belt TemplateExquisite Silk Boot TemplateExquisite Silk Cap TemplateExquisite Silk Cloak TemplateExquisite Silk Glove TemplateExquisite Silk Gorget TemplateExquisite Silk Mask TemplateExquisite Silk Robe TemplateExquisite Silk Shoulderpad TemplateExquisite Silk Sleeve TemplateExquisite Silk Tunic TemplateExquisite Silk Wristband Template


Bestiary Updates: Blades of Forgotten Heroes


Zone Updates: Nights of the Dead: Kithicor Forest: Out With the Old



Updated Items: Ascending Sun Bastard Sword


Updated Recipes: Spell: Bond of Laarthik Rk. IISpell: Mindshear Horror Rk. IISpell: Laarthik's Bite Rk. IISpell: Terror of Jelvalak Rk. IIChampion's Restorative (Rock Salt)



Updated Items: Scroll: Bay of the PredatorGalorian Bone FragmentsScroll: Bomoda's Command Rk. IIScroll: Refute for Blood Rk. IIScroll: Adalora's Swift Lifedraw Rk. IIScroll: Binding of Mourgis Rk. IIScroll: Burning Shadow Rk. IIScroll: Polybiad Venom Rk. IIScroll: Burn Bones Rk. IIScroll: Ashen Leech Rk. IIScroll: Call Skeleton Army Rk. IIScroll: Infuse Ally Rk. IIScroll: Cytotoxic Wounds Rk. IIMusic Box: KaladimMusic Box: The Plane of FearMusic Box: The FeerrottMusic Box: Surefall GladeMusic Box: RivervaleMusic Box: QeynosMusic Box: NeriakWrapped Music Box: Miragul's MenagerieMusic Box: Miragul's MenagerieMusic Box: KelethinMusic Box: HalasMusic Box: GrobbMusic Box: FelwitheMusic Box: Ak'Anon


Updated Quests: RoS Rank II Level 110 Spells: Glowing Clawed Tablet of the Ring of ScaleSquashing Pumpkins


Updated Recipes: Balanced Ashenheart Plate BreastplateBalanced Ashenheart Plate BreastplateBalanced Ashenheart Plate BreastplateBalanced Ashenheart Plate Breastplate


Bestiary Updates: a raging rhino



Updated Items: Scuffed Weapon Crate of the MercenaryRecondite Remnant of DesireSpell: Blood of Laarthik Rk. IITranslucent Energeian Light OrbSealed Translucent Energeian Light OrbFine Steel NetRaging Soul ShardEternal Grove Leather Legs OrnamentShadowed Bronze LumpRing of Black FlameEternal Grove Chain Wrist OrnamentStud of Chilling PrecisionAncient Journal


Updated Quests: Berserker Epic 1.5 Pre-Quest


Updated Recipes: Sealed Translucent Energeian Light OrbUnfired Translucent Energeian Light OrbSpell: Blood of Laarthik Rk. IISpell: Shroud of the Blightborn Rk. IISpell: Charge for Power Rk. IISpell: Plague of the Karanas Rk. II


Bestiary Updates: Spirit Sentinel - Emerald JungleBroken Skull ArmsmasterOgomokShanis MacDarren [Berserker Guildmaster]Baddi Waca [Berserker Guildmaster]an ancient necromantic shadeKeldovan the HarrierSpirit Sentinel - Lake of Ill OmenDravel Axethrasher [Berserker Guildmaster]GrigoranSable



Updated Items: Spiritual Luclinite Transmogrifant PatchVelium Geode BraceletShattered BladeSpell: Dizzying Helix Rk. II


Updated Quests: Gnoll Scalp Collecting


New Recipes: Spell: Dizzying Helix Rk. II


Updated Recipes: Velium Geode Bracelet (Magical)Velium Geode BraceletSpell: Color Clash Rk. IISpell: Legion of Zykean Rk. IISpell: Serene Wave Rk. IISpell: Brimstone Brawn Rk. IISpell: Echo of Subjugation Rk. IISpell: Twilight Rune Rk. II


Bestiary Updates: Ancient Dragon



Updated Items: Spiritual Luclinite Transmogrifant PatchVelium Geode BraceletShattered BladeSpell: Dizzying Helix Rk. II


Updated Quests: Gnoll Scalp Collecting


New Recipes: Spell: Dizzying Helix Rk. II


Updated Recipes: Velium Geode Bracelet (Magical)Velium Geode BraceletSpell: Color Clash Rk. IISpell: Legion of Zykean Rk. IISpell: Serene Wave Rk. IISpell: Brimstone Brawn Rk. IISpell: Echo of Subjugation Rk. IISpell: Twilight Rune Rk. II


Bestiary Updates: Ancient Dragon



Updated Items: Weeping Heaven DireCicero's Notebook


Updated Quests: DoD Level 69 Spell #1: The Lost NotebookChampion of Night of Shadows (30 Points)


Updated Recipes: Recondite Darktouch BracerRecondite Darktouch BracerRecondite Darktouch BreastplateRecondite Darktouch BreastplateRecondite Darktouch GreavesRecondite Darktouch GreavesRecondite Darktouch GauntletsRecondite Darktouch GauntletsRecondite Darktouch BootsRecondite Darktouch BootsRecondite Darktouch HelmRecondite Darktouch HelmRecondite Darktouch VambracesRecondite Darktouch VambracesRecondite Darktouch WristbandRecondite Darktouch Bracer


Bestiary Updates: Brovil PallivinegTatters



Updated Items: Fossilized Spider Eye GemIcon of the High ScaleLizard-on-a-Stick


Updated Quests: Shaman Epic: Spear of Fate


Updated Recipes: Lizard-on-a-Stick


Bestiary Updates: Spirit Sentinel - Emerald Jungle - ruinsOverlord GnikanSpirit Sentinel - Emerald Jungle - pond



Updated Items: Suit of Welaar's Vah Shir ScalemailSuit of Welaar's Vah Shir RingmailSuit of Welaar's Vah Shir LeatherSuit of Welaar's Vah Shir ClothSuit of Muada's Vah Shir RingmailSuit of Muada's Vah Shir LeatherSuit of Muada's Vah Shir ChainWelaar's Vah Shir Scalemail Chest OrnamentWelaar's Vah Shir Scalemail Helm OrnamentWelaar's Vah Shir Scalemail Arms OrnamentWelaar's Vah Shir Scalemail Wrist OrnamentWelaar's Vah Shir Scalemail Hands OrnamentWelaar's Vah Shir Scalemail Legs OrnamentWelaar's Vah Shir Scalemail Feet OrnamentWelaar's Vah Shir Ringmail Wrist OrnamentWelaar's Vah Shir Ringmail Helm OrnamentWelaar's Vah Shir Ringmail Chest OrnamentWelaar's Vah Shir Ringmail Arms OrnamentWelaar's Vah Shir Ringmail Hands OrnamentWelaar's Vah Shir Ringmail Legs OrnamentWelaar's Vah Shir Ringmail Feet OrnamentWelaar's Vah Shir Plate Helm OrnamentWelaar's Vah Shir Plate Chest OrnamentWelaar's Vah Shir Plate Arms OrnamentWelaar's Vah Shir Plate Wrist OrnamentWelaar's Vah Shir Plate Hands OrnamentWelaar's Vah Shir Plate Legs OrnamentWelaar's Vah Shir Plate Feet OrnamentWelaar's Vah Shir Leather Legs OrnamentWelaar's Vah Shir Leather Hands OrnamentWelaar's Vah Shir Leather Wrist OrnamentWelaar's Vah Shir Leather Arms OrnamentWelaar's Vah Shir Leather Chest OrnamentWelaar's Vah Shir Leather Helm OrnamentWelaar's Vah Shir Leather Feet OrnamentWelaar's Vah Shir Cloth Helm OrnamentWelaar's Vah Shir Cloth Chest OrnamentWelaar's Vah Shir Cloth Arms OrnamentWelaar's Vah Shir Cloth Wrist OrnamentWelaar's Vah Shir Cloth Hands OrnamentWelaar's Vah Shir Cloth Legs OrnamentWelaar's Vah Shir Cloth Feet OrnamentMuada's Vah Shir Ringmail Arms OrnamentMuada's Vah Shir Ringmail Wrist OrnamentMuada's Vah Shir Ringmail Helm OrnamentMuada's Vah Shir Ringmail Chest OrnamentMuada's Vah Shir Ringmail Feet OrnamentMuada's Vah Shir Ringmail Legs OrnamentMuada's Vah Shir Ringmail Hands OrnamentMuada's Vah Shir Leather Feet OrnamentMuada's Vah Shir Leather Legs OrnamentMuada's Vah Shir Leather Hands OrnamentMuada's Vah Shir Leather Wrist OrnamentMuada's Vah Shir Leather Arms OrnamentMuada's Vah Shir Leather Chest OrnamentMuada's Vah Shir Leather Helm OrnamentMuada's Vah Shir Chain Chest OrnamentMuada's Vah Shir Chain Helm OrnamentMuada's Vah Shir Chain Feet OrnamentMuada's Vah Shir Chain Legs OrnamentMuada's Vah Shir Chain Arms OrnamentMuada's Vah Shir Chain Wrist OrnamentMuada's Vah Shir Chain Hands OrnamentHollowshade Moor BonfireSculpted Vah Shir EffigyBanner of the Vah Shir CrestStatue of Aten Ha RaSsraeshza Temple SarcophagusMetamorph: Grimling SkeletonMetamorph: RhinobeetleMetamorph: Writhing ShadowVisage of a Shissar PriestMusic Box: Shar VahlSuit of Welaar's Vah Shir PlateAdoptable Resplendent Owlbear SaddleWrapped Music Box: Shar VahlAdoptable Metamorph: Writhing ShadowWrapped Champion of Tunare StatueVah Shir Heritage CrateSmall Dolerite ShardJumjum Spiced BeerSupple Anger Enforced DrapeTriumvirate Blood StoneWrit of Entry - EsiantiOcean Mist Sword OrnamentTradable: Owlbear SaddleOwlbear SaddleRotten Mesa TroutOcean Mist Great Axe OrnamentObsidian Scale Great Hammer OrnamentationObsidian Scale Great Hammer Ornamentation


New Quests: Vah Shir Heritage CrateVah Shir Heritage Crate: Vah Shir Critters (10 Points)Vah Shir Heritage Crate: Vah Shir Art Collector (10 Points)Hero's Forge - Muada's Plate (10 Points)Hero's Forge - Muada's Chain (10 Points)Hero's Forge - Muada's Scalemail (10 Points)Hero's Forge - Muada's Ringmail (10 Points)Hero's Forge - Muada's Leather (10 Points)Hero's Forge - Muada's Cloth (10 Points)Hero's Forge - Welaar's Plate (10 Points)Hero's Forge - Welaar's Chain (10 Points)Hero's Forge - Welaar's Scalemail (10 Points)Hero's Forge - Welaar's Ringmail (10 Points)Hero's Forge - Welaar's Leather (10 Points)Hero's Forge - Welaar's Cloth (10 Points)


Updated Quests: Nights of the Dead: Big Trouble in Little Mesa


New Recipes: Obsidian Scale Great Hammer OrnamentationSuit of Muada's Vah Shir ChainSuit of Muada's Vah Shir LeatherSuit of Muada's Vah Shir RingmailSuit of Welaar's Vah Shir ClothSuit of Welaar's Vah Shir LeatherSuit of Welaar's Vah Shir RingmailSuit of Welaar's Vah Shir Scalemail


Updated Recipes: Jumjum Spiced BeerJumjum Spiced BeerJumjum Spiced BeerUnfired Obsidian Scale Great Hammer OrnamentMercenary Signet Ring


Bestiary Updates: Ritesmaster VerokTranslocator TradilKrongar the EnragerCultist ZalkizSpectre of RageMatik Wolfkina headstrong acolyteXalgoz - An Epic Requesta weaponlonging soulCommander TrakichLrev HiethScout SwiftarrowScout SanherbErillia StarfeastFieldscout DremLieutenant Tasith Nidmirean ireblind attendantRelith SummonarDeputy FuzzminTrellaria Flamehanda steadfast loyalist



Updated Items: Essence of Fire


Updated Quests: Nights of the Dead: The Witch's WishesMissing PumpkinsMisplaced Dollies (10 Points) Vintage Toy Ships (Stone Hive) (10 Points)Creepers, Dodders, and Uninvited Lodgers (The Feerrott) (10 Points)


Updated Recipes: Immaculate Silk Belt TemplateImmaculate Silk Boot TemplateImmaculate Silk Cap TemplateImmaculate Silk Cloak TemplateImmaculate Silk Glove TemplateImmaculate Silk Gorget TemplateImmaculate Silk Mask TemplateImmaculate Silk Pant TemplateImmaculate Silk Robe TemplateImmaculate Silk Shoulderpad TemplateImmaculate Silk Sleeve TemplateImmaculate Silk Tunic TemplateImmaculate Silk Wristband Template


Bestiary Updates: lava guardian



Updated Items: Whispering Midnight Casting MagicBoots of Flowing SlimeDescending Moon Charm of SecurityDire Tuning Crystal


Updated Quests: Cruelty T`Vyl (Combine Dredge)Bright Baubles (Plane of Health)Night Crawlers (Sul Vius: Demiplane of Decay)Fallen Footwear (Sul Vius: Demiplane of Decay)Texts of Eternity (Sul Vius: Demiplane of Life)An Ounce of Fetid Flesh (Crypt of Sul)Ruins of Decay (Plane of Health)Shards of Life (Plane of Health)Putrid Poisons (Crypt of Decay)Raiments of Rot (Crypt of Sul)Grails (Plane of Health)Dregs of Decay (Crypt of Sul)Idols of Rot (Crypt of Sul)Markers of Death (Sul Vius: Demiplane of Decay)Unliving Relics (Sul Vius: Demiplane of Life)Deadman's Band (Sul Vius: Demiplane of Life)Deadman's Dinner (Sul Vius: Demiplane of Life)Rotting Remnants (Crypt of Decay)Knives of Sacrifice (Crypt of Decay) (10 Points)


Updated Recipes: Boreal Breastplate of the ZealotBoreal Breastplate of HavokBoreal Breastplate of the PerformerBoreal Breastplate of the RevenantBoreal Tunic of the FangBoreal Coat of the DivinerHollowflesh GolemBoreal Coat of CarnageBoreal Breastplate of the LightBoreal Coat of the WardenBoreal Chestwraps of the UnwaveringBoreal Tunic of the TenderBoreal Robe of the Frozen FlameBoreal Coat of the AssassinBoreal Robe of CompulsionBoreal Robe of the Conjuror


Bestiary Updates: Leopold Crunchbasher [Portal Tender]Vdrakii [Portal Tender]Bygral Tamescale [Portal Tender]Vaytok [Portal Tender]Sir Delvas [Portal Tender]Soulbound Construct [Portal Tender]Camellia Spiretear [Portal Tender]Sister Fealcrest [Portal Tender]Winter SquashStablemaster Magna


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