Night of Shadows and November Site Updates

Night of Shadows and Site Update

Well here it is folks, Night of Shadows releases tomorrow. We've been busy gathering info and working back behind the scenes to get as much work done as we can. We're going to release the wiki tonight so folks can look over it for the release tomorrow.


There's is plenty of work to be done still so we'll keep plugging away at it and filling in information. Have fun folks!

Here are the patch notes.


December 6, 2022

*** Highlights ***

*** Night of Shadows ***
Welcome to EverQuest: Night of Shadows, the 29th expansion for EverQuest!
Norrathians have ended the conflict between Mayong Mistmoore and Luclin herself, but can they relax their vigilance? The recent attention of Luclin has emboldened the Akheva, and they continue their plans to conquer the moon!
As war rages across the surface of Luclin, disaster has befallen Shadow Haven deep below. The mysterious sealed door has been smashed open, and the great spirit trapped behind it has rampaged through the city, leaving death and destruction before retreating to the unknown caverns it escaped from. What maddened the spirits? How can the Akheva be stopped? Can Shar Vahl survive as war threatens to engulf the city? The truth lies in the shadows -- will you survive to find it?
- Learn new spells, combat abilities, and Alternate Abilities.
- Find new items and learn new tradeskill recipes.
- Explore seven new zones.
- Participate in new raids and quests.
- Complete new achievements.
- Enter Firefall Pass through a new passageway in Umbral Plains opened by the moonquake.
- Store and use tradeskill components like never before with the new Tradeskill Component Depot. See details below.

*** Items ***

- Merchant Olwen in Western Wastes no longer has quantity restrictions on oranges, limes, lemons, or medicinal herbs.
- Corrected an issue that prevented the Journeyman's Compass from gaining additional progress.
- Potion Merchants that sell distillate potions now offer XX and XXI versions.
- Royal Antonican Weapon Ornament Pack now stacks to 20.

*** Quests & Events ***

- The Kar`Zok (Raid): Restored the missing currency reward to this event.
- Updated the "Master of" text to correctly reflect what is needed to complete the achievements for the following expansions:
- - Veil of Alaris
- - The Ring of Scale
- - The Burning Lands
- - Torment of Velious

*** Spells ***

- Updated the description for all ranks of Enhanced Minion so that they indicate the levels they affect.

*** AA ***

- Wizard - Destructive Adept - Increased the percentage damage modifier at all ranks, up to 160% at max rank.
- Renamed the following AAs to Innate Prowess and moved to the Archetype tab:
- - Berserker - Innate Rage - Increased the percentage damage modifier at ranks 18/19/20 to 100/110/120.
- - Beastlord - Innate Fury - Increased the percentage damage modifier at ranks 19/20 to 100/110.
- - Monk - Innate Innerflame - Increased the percentage damage modifier at ranks 19/20 to 100/110.
- - Ranger - Innate Natureblade - Increased the percentage damage modifier at ranks 19/20 to 90/100.
- - Rogue - Innate Duelist - Increased the percentage damage modifier at ranks 19/20 to 100/110.
- - Bard - Innate Songblade
- - Paladin - Innate Holyblade
- - Shadow Knight - Innate Darkblade
- - Warrior - Innate Fellstrike
- Enhanced Decay (and equivalent) AAs have slowly but surely increased DoT damage at an untenable rate, leading us into a situation where DoTs are outperforming just about everything else in far more scenarios than intended. We've adjusted these AAs to ensure that they can continue to receive healthy upgrades for the foreseeable future.
- Made the following additional changes to the below AAs: renamed to Enhanced Ruin, moved to the Archetype tab, and updated the minimum duration value in the description of all ranks to be in seconds instead of ticks.
- - Druid - Enhanced Maladies - Reduced the percentage damage bonus from 36 seconds worth of increased damage to 32 seconds at max rank.
- - Enchanter - Enhanced Torment - Increased the percentage damage bonus for DoTs with a minimum duration of 36+ seconds to match the indicated seconds worth of increased damage at all ranks.
- - Necromancer - Enhanced Decay - Reduced the percentage damage bonus from 41 seconds worth of increased damage to 38 seconds at max rank.
- - - Note, the display value for this AA at max rank inaccurately indicated that it provided a damage bonus equivalent to 56 seconds worth of damage when it actually capped at 41 seconds at the specified minimum DoT duration.
- - Shadow Knight - Enhanced Decay - Reduced the percentage damage bonus from 38 seconds worth of increased damage to 34 seconds at max rank.
- - - Note, the display value for this AA at max rank inaccurately indicated that it provided a damage bonus equivalent to 48 seconds worth of damage when it actually capped at 38 seconds at the specified minimum DoT duration.
- - Shaman - Enhanced Pestilence - Reduced the percentage damage bonus at ranks 8-10 to match the indicated seconds worth of increased damage.

*** NPCs ***

- Corrected an issue where NPCs (such as raid chests) could only hold 36 items.

*** Progression Servers ***

- Increased the number of keys granted on progression servers for Empires of Kunark and The Burning Lands.

*** Miscellaneous ***

- Added the Personal Tradeskill Depot:
- - With the purchase of the new expansion your account will gain a Tradeskill Component Depot that comes with 250 - 490 slots (depending on the expansion edition purchased) for stacks of different tradeskill items. You can purchase additional slots via the marketplace.
- - Each slot ignores the standard stack sizes and can hold up to 99,999 of an item.
- - To withdraw or deposit items from/to your Personal Tradeskill Depot, you'll need to be at a bank. However, you can consume items from anywhere as long as you have Personal Depot checked in the Tradeskill Window.
- - - You will only be able to deposit stackable tradeskill items that are not attunable, temporary, lore, no trade (and also not heirloom), containers, or no storage.
- - Items in your Personal Tradeskill Depot can only be used in normal tradeskill combines. You cannot experiment using your depot, the items must be in your inventory.
- - Your Personal Depot can only contain a single stack of each item. For example, if you have 99,999 Cup of Flour in your Personal Depot, you will not be able to deposit any more.
- - All characters on an account on the same server will share the same Personal Tradeskill Depot, much like the shared bank. When a character is transferred to a different server, their Personal Depot will not be included.
- - Updated /outputfile inventory to include items from your Personal Tradeskill Depot if it is loaded (either by opening it at a bank or using it for tradeskill combines).

*** UI ***

- The atlas now correctly displays Luclin in space instead of in the ocean.
- The Tradeskill Window now has a checkbox to consume items from your Personal Tradeskill Depot. When checked, it will pull items from your Personal Tradeskill Depot before pulling from your inventory.
- Added a button to view your Personal Tradeskill Depot from the Tradeskill Window. You will only be able to view items this way, you'll need to open it from a bank to withdraw or deposit items.

- Added -


- Changed -


*** Previously Updated ***

- Corrected an issue that caused mercenaries to not receive the correct focus equipment which could result in them being underpowered.

- The EverQuest Team


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Updated Recipes: Clump of Dough (Basilisk Eggs)


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Bestiary Updates: Master at Arms PrizenatGeneral VergomilVeteran Kerezal



Updated Items: Spiritual MedallionLesser Deepshade RunestoneScroll: Illusion: Deepshade FungusTome: Ignominious InfluenceScroll: Penumbral DisruptionScroll: Bloodletting ConjunctionScroll: Impenitent DemeanorScroll: Malevolent ConjunctionScroll: Remote Sphere of RotScroll: Flesh to ToxinScroll: Fleshrot's Grip of DecayTome: Wade into ConflictTome: Bloodwalker's ConjunctionTome: Curse of Sixteen ShadowsTome: Bloodwalker's Precision StrikeTome: Penumbral ExpanseTome: Penumbral PrecisionTome: Shield RuptureTome: Thief's SightTome: Poisonous ConjunctionTome: Disorienting PunctureTome: ArcshearTome: Conqueror's ConjunctionSong: Dirge of the OnokiwanSong: Nord's DisdainSong: Omiyad's DemandSong: Conjunction of Sticks and StonesScroll: Marvel's AuspiceScroll: Chromatic ConjunctionScroll: Marvel's DemandScroll: Gravity SurgeScroll: Shadebright VortexScroll: Luclinite BoltScroll: Grant Voidfrost ParadoxScroll: Summon Cauldron of Endless AbundanceScroll: Frostbound ConjunctionScroll: ExfiltrateScroll: Anodyne GambitScroll: Firebound ConjunctionScroll: Gift of DawnlightScroll: Shadowy WaysScroll: Saprophyte AssaultScroll: Arboreal AtonementScroll: ArrowswarmScroll: Dusksage Stalker's ConjunctionTome: Focused Tempest of BladesScroll: Watchful SpiritScroll: Spiritual ShowerScroll: Tegi PandemicScroll: Chaotic ToxinScroll: Venomous ConjunctionTome: Kejaan's VindicationScroll: Auspice of ValiaScroll: Anticipated InterdictionScroll: Divine ContingencyScroll: Aura of the PersistentScroll: Axoeviq's RetortTome: Fervent PenitenceScroll: Penumbral BlessingScroll: Valiant DisruptionScroll: Penitence for the FallenScroll: Ring of Shadeweaver's TangleScroll: Circle of Shadeweaver's TangleScroll: Zephyr: Shadeweaver's TangleScroll: Shadeweaver's Tangle GateScroll: Shadeweaver's Tangle PortalScroll: Translocate: Shadeweaver's TanglePetroglyphic Sword OrnamentPetroglyphic Axe OrnamentPetroglyphic Hammer OrnamentPetroglyphic Mace OrnamentPetroglyphic Hooked Dagger OrnamentPetroglyphic Rapier OrnamentPetroglyphic War Sword OrnamentPetroglyphic Broadsword OrnamentPetroglyphic Katar OrnamentPetroglyphic Club OrnamentPetroglyphic Spiral Dagger OrnamentPetroglyphic Censer OrnamentPetroglyphic Flanged Mace OrnamentPetroglyphic Athame OrnamentPetroglyphic Wand OrnamentPetroglyphic Scimitar OrnamentPetroglyphic Short Spear OrnamentPetroglyphic Bardiche OrnamentPetroglyphic Maul OrnamentPetroglyphic Two Headed Spear OrnamentPetroglyphic Spear OrnamentPetroglyphic Fighting Staff OrnamentPetroglyphic Great Censer OrnamentPetroglyphic Staff OrnamentPetroglyphic Longbow OrnamentPetroglyphic Riding Bow OrnamentPetroglyphic Tower Shield OrnamentPetroglyphic Medium Shield OrnamentPetroglyphic Buckler OrnamentPetroglyphic Basher OrnamentPetroglyphic Fire Poker OrnamentPetroglyphic Pick OrnamentPetroglyphic Punching Dagger OrnamentPetroglyphic Fist OrnamentOgre Heritage CrateTradable: Night of Shadows Expansion TicketMetamorph Wand - ShriekerSonic Wolf SaddleSatchel of Perpetual TwilightPainting: Night of ShadowsLost Turnip SignContract of the Fungal FiendIksar-Like SkullScroll: Zephyr: The Great DivideScroll: Ring of The Great DivideScroll: Circle of The Great DivideScroll: Opaline SkinMarshy Mashed PotatoesIllsalin Bog PieGlooria's Festive SpitIllsalin Witheran MeatIllsalin Bog MidgesIllsalin Bog BerriesIllsalin Bog WaterStoneroot Bog PieCroaking Cricket CookiesStoneroot Basilisk MeatStoneroot Bog MidgesStoneroot Bog BerriesStoneroot Bog WaterCreeping Corathus MeatCreeping Bog WaterCreeping Bog PieCreeping Bog MidgesCreeping Bog BerriesChewed SilvervineChewed Shrimp ChipsChewed Salted Carp RoeChewed Honeycomb MarshmallowChewed Fly Roasted Oat BitesChewed Citrus Candy FlossChewed Candied MushroomChewed Beetle Kabob


New Quests: NoS Rank II Level 116: Minor Deepshade RunestoneNoS Rank II Level 117: Lesser Deepshade RunestoneNoS Rank II Level 118: Median Deepshade RunestoneNoS Rank II Level 119: Greater Deepshade RunestoneNoS Rank II Level 120: Glowing Deepshade Runestone


Updated Quests: Frostfell: Braxi RoundupOgre Heritage Crate: Ogre Critters (10 Points)Ogre Heritage Crate: Ogre Art Collector (10 Points)Feast Fit for a Basher [95]Chewed Froglok Snacks (Innothule Swamp)Feast Fit for a Basher [85]Feast of Giving: To Feed a Foe (10 Points)Feast Fit for a Basher [65]


New Recipes: Creeping Bog PieStoneroot Bog PieIllsalin Bog Pie


Bestiary Updates: Scribe Lar - Luclin [Shaman Spells]Scribe Mojir - Luclin [Shaman Spells]Scribe Shiara - Luclin [Shaman Spells]Scribe Natji - Luclin [Shaman Spells]Scribe Gefna - Luclin [Beastlord Spells]Scribe Grawl - LuclinScribe Dav - LuclinDanala Valith - Luclina corathus squirmera witheran larvaa slithering corathusa Stoneroot basiliskDemented AmalgamBeguiler ChetreaJebreusulunThe Dream DefilerConjurer MrialGeorr Kul`Daara Frostfell Goblin [Frostfell Helper]MordaurYymp the AbyssalVulak`Aerr



New Items: Bottle of Blue SporesBottle of Red SporesBottle of White SporesBottle of Purple SporesBottle of Green SporesBottle of Orange SporesBottle of Muddy SporesThoughts about ConsiderationThoughts about LoveThoughts about JudgmentThoughts about Self-RespectMushroom MoppetHide-the-ShinyFlinging FeatherSnout Racing RockOnokiwan CompassPhosphorescent ArachnidPearlescent CentipedeDamaged "Elemental Blanket" SpellWhite Nepeta PetalsOnion Garlic Luclin Green BeansSeared Luclin Flank SteakSauteed Luclin Green BeansLuclin Cream of Mushroom SoupElixir of Soothing ShadowsSpirit Pacifying PotionMoonstone AntidoteRefined Mana TonicLuclinite Fortified DrinkChampion's RestorativeCinder ChanterelleOnokiwan Stone DishNightlight Petunia FruitWild Mountain BasilReactive Phantasmal Luclinite Gem of StrikingHarmonious Phantasmal Luclinite Gem of StrikingReactive Phantasmal Luclinite Gem of DevastationHarmonious Phantasmal Luclinite Gem of DevastationReactive Indehiscent FruitHarmonious Indehiscent Fruit


Updated Items: Spectral FocusThoughts about GrowthThoughts about DifficultyPulak's Journal, Page 7Discarded Script Note - ClicheDiscarded Script Note - EditorDiscarded Infested PantsDiscarded Infested GreavesDiscarded Infested BeltDiscarded Infested BracersDiscarded Infested BreastplateOne-Winged Paludal MothThree-Legged Paludal ArachnidDeteriorated Paludal CicadaPartially Crushed Paludal CricketBisected Paludal CentipedeWhite-Eyed Paludal AntHollowed-Out Paludal MantisHalf of a Paludal BeetleStrontium Lava GlassBarium Lava GlassCopper Lava GlassCalcium Lava GlassMagnesium Lava GlassLithium Lava GlassObsidian Lava GlassSodium Lava GlassSilver Nepeta PetalsLavender Nepeta PetalsPink Nepeta PetalsPurple Nepeta PetalsBlue Nepeta PetalsYellow Nepeta PetalsAmber Nepeta PetalsRoasted Luclin MushroomsQwalla's Casserole DelightNightslayer's BackpackNightslayer's RucksackNightslayer's SatchelAmber CharmAmber SymbolAmber TrinketGolden Rogue's BeltColorless Crystal of PreventionValia's Unyielding BraveryCracked Sandstone of HealthSpirit Drinker's CoatingGreat Tiger Spirit FamiliarShadewrought Coin of the EclipseSubterranean Lily BloomNight Seeker's BackpackDivine MedallionFungal UnderbulkNightslayer's ChestEye-Spotted Shik'Nar SaddleBlessed Akhevan Shadow ShearsBlessed Akhevan Shadow ShearsCrystallized Restless OreEscargot Anneau De FeuSilverfin SkinCreeping Bog WaterTome of Jugular Slice Rk. IITome of Fourth Wind Rk. IITome of Chrono Projection Rk. IIMartial TreatiseTome of Whorl of Fists Rk. IITome of Pinpoint Vitals Rk. IITome of Maelstrom Blade Rk. IITome of Jarring Clash Rk. IITome of Eradicator's Volley Rk. IITome of Calanin's Synergy Rk. IIRunic Martial Treatise


New Quests: Master of Night of Shadows (100 Points)Night's Avenger (60 Points)Nightslayer (60 Points)Explorer of Night of Shadows (20 Points)Champion of Night of Shadows (30 Points)Paragon of Night of Shadows (40 Points)Challenger of Night of Shadows (50 Points)Conqueror of Night of Shadows (40 Points)Vanquisher of Night of Shadows (50 Points)Night Seeker (30 Points)Firefall Pass Traveler (10 Points)Shadeweaver's Tangle Traveler (10 Points)Shar Vahl, Divided Traveler (10 Points)Paludal Depths Traveler (10 Points)Ruins of Shadow Haven Traveler (10 Points)Deepshade Traveler (10 Points)Darklight Caverns Traveler (10 Points)Mercenary of Firefall Pass (10 Points)Partisan of Firefall Pass (10 Points)Mercenary of Shadeweaver's Tangle (10 Points)Partisan of Shadeweaver's Tangle (10 Points)Mercenary of Shar Vahl, Divided (10 Points)Partisan of Shar Vahl, Divided (10 Points)Mercenary of Paludal Depths (10 Points)Partisan of Paludal Depths (10 Points)Mercenary of Ruins of Shadow Haven (10 Points)Partisan of Ruins of Shadow Haven (10 Points)Mercenary of Deepshade (10 Points)Partisan of Deepshade (10 Points)Mercenary of Darklight Caverns (10 Points)Partisan of Darklight Caverns (10 Points)The Cunning of a Tiger: Cunning Copycat (10 Points)The Strength of a Wolf: Leader of the Pack (10 Points)The Bravery of a Bear: Bearer of Bravery (10 Points)Hero of Shar Vahl: Mean Streets (10 Points)Savior of Shar Vahl: Mean Streets (20 Points)Mean Streets: Waste No Effort - Mission (10 Points)Mean Streets: Cut Off The Head - Mission (10 Points)Mean Streets: No You Don't - Mission (10 Points)Hero of Shadow Haven: When One Door Closes (10 Points)Savior of Shadow Haven: When One Door Closes (20 Points)When One Door Closes: Brutal Efficiency - Mission (10 Points)When One Door Closes: Hiding In Plain Sight - Mission (10 Points)When One Door Closes: No Poke - Mission (10 Points)Hero of Darklight Caverns: The Spirit Fades (10 Points)Savior of Darklight Caverns: The Spirit Fades (20 Points)The Spirit Fades: Conscientious Liberation - Mission (10 Points)The Spirit Fades: Unscrupulous Liberation - Mission (10 Points)The Spirit Fades: Thick Skin - Mission (10 Points)Hero of Shar Vahl: Under Siege (10 Points)Savior of Shar Vahl: Under Siege (20 Points)Under Siege: No Dark Heart (10 Points)Under Siege: Don't Blink (10 Points)Under Siege: Stop the Advance (10 Points)Conqueror of Paludal Depths: Insatiable An Appetite (10 Points)Vanquisher of Insatiable An Appetite (20 Points)Insatiable An Appetite: Unfulfilled Curse - Raid (10 Points)Insatiable An Appetite: Undevoured (10 Points)Insatiable An Appetite: Undelivered Spores (10 Points)Conqueror of Shar Vahl: Pit Fight (10 Points)Vanquisher of Pit Fight (20 Points)Pit Fight: Unshattered (10 Points)Pit Fight: Run Runner (10 Points)Pit Fight: Stay Close (10 Points)Conqueror of Shar Vahl: Mean Streets (10 Points)Vanquisher of Mean Streets (20 Points)Mean Streets: Waste No Effort - Raid (10 Points)Mean Streets: Cut Off The Head - Raid (10 Points)Mean Streets: No You Don't - Raid (10 Points)Conqueror of Shadow Haven: When One Door Closes (10 Points)Vanquisher of When One Door Closes (20 Points)When One Door Closes: Brutal Efficiency - Raid (10 Points)When One Door Closes: Hiding In Plain Sight - Raid (10 Points)When One Door Closes: Arachnophobia (10 Points)Conqueror of Deepshade (20 Points)Vanquisher of Myconid Mutiny (20 Points)Myconid Mutiny: Crystal Crusher (10 Points)Myconid Mutiny: Delivery In Full (10 Points)Myconid Mutiny: All That Glitters (10 Points)Vanquisher of Dance of the Demiurge (20 Points)Dance of the Demiurge: De-Illusion (10 Points)Dance of the Demiurge: Multitudes (10 Points)Dance of the Demiurge: Altered Gods (10 Points)Conqueror of Darklight Caverns: The Spirit Fades (10 Points)Vanquisher of The Spirit Fades (20 Points)The Spirit Fades: Conscientious Liberation - Raid (10 Points)The Spirit Fades: Unscrupulous Liberation - Raid (10 Points)The Spirit Fades: Thick Skin - Raid (10 Points)Conqueror of Firefall Pass: The Shadows Move (10 Points)Vanquisher of The Shadows Move (20 Points)The Shadows Move: Stave Off the Shadows (10 Points)The Shadows Move: Unending Midnight (10 Points)The Shadows Move: Within the Shadows (10 Points)Conqueror of Shar Vahl: Under Siege (10 Points)Vanquisher of Under Siege (20 Points)Under Siege: No Shade (10 Points)Under Siege: Won't-o-Wisp (10 Points)Under Siege: Full Darkness (10 Points)Novice Hunter of Night of Shadows (20 Points)Adept Hunter of Night of Shadows (20 Points)Veteran Hunter of Night of Shadows (30 Points)Hunter of Firefall Pass (10 Points)Hunter of Shadeweaver's Tangle (10 Points)Hunter of Shar Vahl, Divided (10 Points)Hunter of Paludal Depths (10 Points)Hunter of Ruins of Shadow Haven (10 Points)Hunter of Deepshade (10 Points)Hunter of Darklight Caverns (10 Points)Remnants of the Lost (20 Points)Firefall Pass Scavenger (10 Points)Onokiwan Toys (10 Points)Journal of an Original (10 Points)Firefall Artifacts (10 Points)Hawks' Pilfered Trinkets (10 Points)Shadeweaver's Tangle Scavenger (10 Points)Gor Taku Masonry Tools (10 Points)Nepeta Petals (10 Points)Loda Kai Poacher Tools (10 Points)Pigmented Lava Glass (10 Points)Remnants of the Hidden (20 Points)Shar Vahl, Divided Scavenger (10 Points)This Used to Be My Training Ground (10 Points)Shar Vahl Guild Signets (10 Points)Articles of Brokenness (10 Points)Dreams of the Whisperlings (10 Points)Paludal Depths Scavenger (10 Points)Zombugs (10 Points)Stinking Badges (10 Points)Recondite Sashes (10 Points)Forsaken Affairs (10 Points)Remnants of the Night (20 Points)Ruins of Shadow Haven Scavenger (10 Points)Empty Nester (10 Points)Vestiges of Rampage (10 Points)The Ax Forgets, But The Tree Remembers (10 Points)The Unbearable Weight of Massive Teachings (10 Points)Deepshade Scavenger (10 Points)Prop Hunt (10 Points)A Bunch of Wild and Fungis (10 Points)Color Theory (10 Points)Places, People! Places! (10 Points)Darklight Caverns Scavenger (10 Points)Spirit Imbued Flora (10 Points)Fragments of Kezhda's Memories (10 Points)Darklight Critters (10 Points)Musings of Kejaan Kerrath (10 Points)Respect the Death Blades (20 Points)


Updated Quests: Hunter of The DeepFeast Fit for a Bouncer [65]


New Recipes: Tome of Calanin's Synergy Rk. IITome of Eradicator's Volley Rk. IITome of Jarring Clash Rk. IITome of Maelstrom Blade Rk. IITome of Pinpoint Vitals Rk. IITome of Whorl of Fists Rk. IITome of Chrono Projection Rk. IITome of Fourth Wind Rk. IITome of Jugular Slice Rk. II


Updated Recipes: Martial TreatiseRunic Martial TreatiseTome of Jolting Frontkicks Rk. II


Bestiary Updates: a silverfin icefangRtrangi`s Withered RemainsRtrangi`s Magical ChestRitualist`s Decaying ChestSantug Claugg [South Ro]Evoker of GuktaSpear Sundering Ivory [Quests]Lich RtrangiOl` Grinnin` Finley - CoVDiabo Xi Xundraux [Raid Merchant]a shadowed chest - Shei Vinitras - RaidOvergrowthCrimsonclawGeerot StabgutGheg GorespitKurati the FeralTailfangToraji, Korath's WarderWiggleCommander EslineMolten WildfireScorched Cackling BonesShak Dathor OverlordSharp ClawStoneclaw BroodmotherThorn PetalArly GolyeckHerachuelMaricella SlithraMerrimore YchanskToxiplaxVahlkamphBedrock BurrowerDiabo Xi VestaFirefallizardFowl MatriarchIgneous InsectRock LobberAgaricususBavanjamDrinilFaceted WindraPsylopsybylSehtab MahlineeChromatic Widow QueenEelwormGeoxyleKezhda the FrienziedMycorrihizal MutationRabid RhizanthellaVariegated MonsteraStone ChitinSkitterBruteVelutipesFlailMaceWarrior`s Flowing Mind [Ambassador to Esianti]AyoaenaeDemented Amalgama Frostfell Goblin [Frostfell Helper]MordaurBeguiler ChetreaJebreusulunThe Dream Defiler



Updated Items: Pail of SlopTalisman of Living RockShaded BootsMcArik Reagent SatchelGleaming Sandstone of DeflectionHeated Desert Emerald FragmentMagenta CharmMagenta SymbolMagenta TalismanRadiant Orb of AggressionRadiant Ore of Dark HealingRadiant Pebble of PerfectionRaw Emerald Shard of MalevolenceRugged Iron Battle MaskKreljnok's Muddled RageRustic CharmRustic SymbolRustic TrinketSearing Flawed Emerald Fragment


Updated Quests: An Adorable Yeti Doll


Updated Recipes: Bag of Image Essence Dust


Bestiary Updates: Rygan AnisherThe ProtectorA Meeda Hune HeroCenti ThallBaddi Waca [Berserker Guildmaster]Filrian Lylius [Leather Armor]Akuel CentiXi ViusVulak`AerrGrelleth, her Majesty the Queena glaring gargoyleVooersalor the CraftyPrincess HaiasinSkald VergaldinJarl Sabinval


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Watch out on the zone in to Shar Vahl Divided from PoK stone
# Mar 02 2023 at 8:17 PM Rating: Decent
4 posts
Watch out low levels this is a top level zone, UNSAFE zone in from PoK stone

Okies now, I have levels from 30's to low 100's, I was taking a few of them into this new zone, Shar Vahl Divided, to get it to give me the achievement to travel there. I had taken a couple of my 100's in, turned around and zoned back out. Then I took one of my 86 level in, and was killed just as I came to life on zone in right at the PoK stone. So for low levels wanting the achievement, good luck, you will get the credit, but you may die in the process. So I am not taking any of my other lower levels in there for the travel achievement credit.

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