Final Fantasy XI's Vana'diel Project

Square Enix announced three new Final Fantasy XI initiatives to begin in May.

On May 19th, 2015, Square Enix held a special press conference unveiling the future of their long-running massively-multiplayer online role-playing game, Final Fantasy XI. Entering its fourteenth year of service, Final Fantasy XI has endured a number of difficulties along the way, and to herald the players both old and new who have enjoyed it for over a decade, Square Enix has announced the upcoming "Vana'diel Project". The "Vana'diel Project", a series of three new initiatives starting in May 2015, will expand the world of Vana'diel in new and exciting ways!

For a look at the three new initiatives, be sure to check below the jump.

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LOS ANGELES (Mar. 19, 2015) – Today, Square Enix, Inc. announced the “Vana’diel® Project” for the massive multiplayer online roleplaying game (MMORPG) FINAL FANTASY® XI, which includes three major initiatives to coincide with the game entering its 14th year of service this May. FINAL FANTASY XI and Vana’diel, the fictional world that forms its setting, have continued to evolve alongside the many players that have adventured there in the years since the official launch in 2002, and this project aims to further expand FFXI and continue to satisfy its players for years to come.

The Final Scenario

The first chapter in the final scenario of the FINAL FANTASY XI story, “Rhapsodies of Vana’diel,” will be released alongside game updates taking place in May 2015.

It will serve as the pinnacle of the FINAL FANTASY XI story, bringing together major characters and elements from more than 13 years of history. The epic tale will come to a close in three parts that are scheduled to release in May, August and November this year. These updates will also see the introduction of new content, such as exciting battles and never-before-seen reward items.

After the final chapter of “Rhapsodies of Vana’diel,” the major updates to the game will cease, but maintenance to fine-tune content will continue. Operation of game services for the Playstation® 2 and Xbox 360 platforms will cease in March 2016, but players can continue to enjoy the Windows PC version of FINAL FANTASY XI beyond that date.

Further, “The Goddess’s Gala” in-game event will also be held - a festival to thank all players who have stepped into Vana’diel over its storied lifetime. This festival will consist of numerous campaigns to be enjoyed by all - from those who still play regularly, to those who have taken a break from adventuring.

* “Rhapsodies of Vana’diel” is not a disc based expansion or premium downloadable content.


The FINAL FANTASY XI Mobile project, in collaboration with Nexon Co., Ltd, brings a brand-new generation of FINAL FANTASY XI to smartphone and mobile devices. This new adaptation will optimize features for mobile devices to create an immersive, responsive and dynamic experience. Battles optimized for a touch control interface, along with improvements to core FINAL FANTASY XI systems, will provide players smoother gameplay.

FINAL FANTASY XI Mobile is scheduled for release in Japan, Korea, North America, as well as the European and Asian regions.

FINAL FANTASY GRANDMASTERS™ – A New Online Game for Smartphones

FINAL FANTASY GRANDMASTERS is a full-scale online RPG for smartphones, available in Japan only in 2015, which shares the world and characters of FINAL FANTASY XI, developed in collaboration with Crooz Inc., (Knights of Avalon). In FINAL FANTASY GRANDMASTERS, players can pick from familiar jobs and a dazzling variety of equipment to customize, train, and develop their own original characters. The game will feature real-time cooperative battles where players can communicate with comrades while defeating foes and assisting allies.


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My thoughts
# Mar 22 2015 at 2:32 AM Rating: Good
126 posts
Ftp needs cash shops to survive. some form of income or "potential" income, a way to lure player to still pay for things, ffxi has nothing to offer, no shop no nothing, the game has stayed so "original" for so many years they cant now finally offer mounts, pets, xp pots, weapon skins , vanity gear etc like all other ftp games have (at least the ones I play, I could be wrong)... which is why I cant see it ftp.

I do think though a reduction in sub fee could be the only solution they could make.

I too have played and paid continuously since the na release... I saw this coming years ago, the trickle of players leaving was a lot more then a trickle and for a lot longer then most would admit , but its still sad when it is officially announced .

Regardless Im going stay on the pc and work on many things I still need to get done.

Would never go mobile, it looks like a Saturday morning cartoon {no thanks}...content or not :)
Awesome and not.
# Mar 19 2015 at 5:30 PM Rating: Good
Finally the let go of ps2 and xbox players. Sadly at a wrong time. However if someone playing on a ps2 in the past 14 years does not have a PC that can handle to low reqs for 11, it is totally finally time to go out and purchase a PC if able.

Game needs to go F2P. I hate saying this, but if this is the "end" of the game, then let it become free so many others can (finally) see what the game was about.

FFXI will always be my 1st pay to play MMO. I payed for a good 7-8 of the 14 years it has been around.
Sandinmyeye | |Tsukaremashi*a |
Awesome and not.
# Mar 20 2015 at 1:17 AM Rating: Decent
826 posts
I agree wholeheartedly. Since they've now said as much that major updates will stop after November 2015, and the game will enter maintenance mode, it's time to cease sub requirements. At least let the non-PC players enjoy their final year of service in every aspect possible. Many of us that were faithful to the game since launch have stopped playing permanently, some of us since we saw this coming about six months ago. The content updates were hot and heavy and packed with good stuff until about the end of summer 2014. Since then it's just been a trickle of fixes, boosts and sporadic loose ends tied up at the end of SoA. I think a good deal thought there might be one final expansion announcement to round out Vana'diel forever, but it looks like this is what they've opted for at SE.

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