Eternal Crusade: An Update With Miguel Caron

We found out the latest details surrounding War40K: Eternal Crusade.


Warhamer 40,000: Eternal Crusade saw a successful launch to its Founder's Program following E3 this summer. Since that time the game has seen additions and tweaks, as well as the kickoff to some fun promotions.

We recently spoke to Behaviour Interactive's Head of Studio, Miguel Caron, to catch up on all things Eternal Crusade.

Catching Up
Since the launch of the Founder's Program back in June, the Buy-to-Play business model has been "very successful," according to Miguel. The team has upheld their transparency by communicating with fans on the forum, keeping them apprised of changes in the game's development and the reasons behind them.

Miguel also told us about his "best worst idea of the summer," which involved offering side-grades from the Rogue Trader. After getting fan feedback on the original proposal, the team ultimately decided to keep the store as aesthetic-only items. If there is an item available in the store with stats, an equivalent item will also be obtainable via normal gameplay. Rogue Trader items are now considered to only be a way to "look cool" and stand out, as well as a shortcut.

Players have also requested a way to obtain Rogue Trader points in the game. The studio is looking into it, but they need to ensure that adding a feature like this is not exploitable before committing to it.

Ork Boyz
Originally planned to be a premium race, the Ork Boyz will now be a F2P offering. The team felt that this will be a good counter-balance to the desirability of Space Marines.

Ork Boyz are also great immersion into the world, according to Miguel. The Orkz are never alone, so adding them as a F2P choice simply makes sense.

Pioneer Pack
Any developer working on a F2P game knows that not every player will become a paying customer. The Behaviour Interactive team has launched a special page geared for F2P players, offering information pertinent to their enjoyment of the Eternal Crusade world.

Along with this new page is the new Pioneer Pack. For only $15, you get a small starter package that will give a lot of different benefits (such as boosters). Unlike the Founder's Packs, this package doesn't unlock all the classes, but it is a great jump into Eternal Crusade if you're just wanting to enjoy the F2P experience with a few perks.

Rescue System & Apothecary
On last week's Twitch livestream, the Rescue System and Apothecary model were shown off. The recording is available now over on Twitch!

Short Story Art Contest
Graham McNeill's latest Eternal Crusade short story, Death and the Maiden World, is available now on the official site. A fan art contest was launched, and the winner will have their art piece attached to the short story forever.

Referral Program
Currently, Founders can pass out their referral key to their friends, netting both them and that friend $4 in points on the Rogue Trader when they sign up for the Founder's Program. Miguel pointed out that "so far 15% of our Founders have come through the referral program." During the month of November, this reward will be doubled to an $8 value, with the top three winning prizes of Rogue Trader Points, and the top prize including an Alienware gaming laptop.

Alienware Campaign
Behaviour Interactive has teamed up with Alienware to offer a different bonus to potential new founders. Sign up using the special Alienware Campaign code to receive $10 worth of points for the Rogue Trader. Check it out here!

Thanks to Miguel Caron for taking the time to chat with us and make sure you hop over to the official site to join the war today!

Ann "Cyliena" Hosler, Managing Editor


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