Square Enix Interested in Bringing FF Series to PC

Direct development may be in the works; FFXV may be on PC as well.

With what seems to be a heavily-rejoiced announcement from Square Enix, the producer for the Final Fantasy series, Yoshinori Kitase, has revealed that Square Enix has high interest in bringing the Final Fantasy series straight to the PC platform instead of porting from console builds.

Previous reasonings behind not releasing Final Fantasy titles to the PC were due to security reasons and the changes in the market. The "market" claim seems to have uneven foundations, however, as older iterations of the FF franchise have proven wildly popular for gamers. Final Fantasy VII and VIII have made their own waves on Steam in terms of sales and the accessibility of these titles--and price, arguably--is what makes these games so popular. Seen as the PSX version of the former game can often run near Xenogears and Chronotrigger-realm prices (50-ish USD), many gamers want to see a clear alternative on better hardware. It might even make the ancient blocky characters look better, unless of course Square Enix were to release modern remakes for VII and VIII (hintnudge)!

With the success of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn on console and PC, we're bound to see some numbers fly for Square Enix. Gamers like having options out of the box instead of having to wait several months just for availability on a certain platform. What does the future hold for Final Fantasy XV? We shall soon see.

Source: Eurogamer


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