Announcing the Culinary Creation Contest!

To commemorate the new and updated recipes unveiled in patch 1.21, the Community Team felt it was the opportune time to hold an epic contest of the culinary persuasion! Think you have what it takes to be a master chef? Do you fancy yourself creative when it comes to cooking? Then why not put your skills to the test in the Culinary Creation Contest?

Tap Eorzea's bounty of exotic ingredients to create a mouthwatering recipe for our resident gourmands to judge. Don’t worry if you can’t actually make it! All you have to do is post your recipe alongside an in-game screenshot of you cooking at the Bismarck in Limsa Lominsa. The Community Team's taste buds will do the rest.

We’ll be picking ten winners and awarding them a brand-new in-game item to be implemented in patch 1.22. Those interested can read up on all the contest details on the official forums.

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