FFXIV Patch Update Notes (Nov. 30)

Details of today's patch.

Today's patch featured a few tweaks here and there, most of which have been brought to attention in the Known Issues announcement.  See the full story for patch notes.

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During the times listed below, we will be performing a version update on FINAL FANTASY XIV.

* The FINAL FANTASY XIV client software will be updated automatically the first time you start it after the update.

[Date & Time]
Nov. 30, 2010 at approximately 15:00 (PST)

[Affected Service]

[Important Update Details]
- The issue where bonus payments were not awarded for completion of regional guildleves issued in other city-states, even when the leves were exchanged, has been addressed.

- The issue where players were unable to complete local levequests when the synthesis of teak lumber or teak planks was assigned as the leve objective has been addressed.

- The issue where players with more than 100 items in their inventory received an error message when attempting to trade an item with a retainer has been addressed.

- The issue where the client sometimes crashed when the player joined a party has been addressed.

- The issue where action icons were sometimes grayed out and the actions were unusable has been addressed.

- The issue where HP was recovered when trading an item when the Marauder's Foresight ability was in effect has been addressed.

- The issue where the item names for the Bronze Celata Visor and Iron Celata Visor were incorrect has been addressed.

- The issue where talking to a certain NPC in the Culinarian class quest Showdown would cause the character to become uncontrollable has been addressed.

- The issue where the system command Door was not displayed in the Copperbell Mines has been addressed.

- The below issues, which occurred when the keyboard settings for gamepad use were turned on, have been addressed.
* Unable to chat during synthesis.
* Unable to input capital letters by hitting the shift key and the letter.

- The target will no longer change automatically when the player is still engaged with a monster.
This is a temporary measure for handling an issue that occurs when the target changes automatically. When the issue is addressed, the functionality will be updated.


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