Tanaka to PS3: No 3D 4U

Quick update here: a recent news report has indicated that there are no definitive plans to include 3D support for the PlayStation 3 version of Final Fantasy XIV.  But instead of just slapping a question mark on the end of the last article, let me first apologize for the erroneous report and follow up with some of the latest information.

FFXIV was included in a tech demo during Sony's press conference with the game rendered in 3D.  This set the speculation in motion, and considering how Square Enix presented a 3D demo at E3, buzz started brewing that PS3 adventurers could take advantage of this technology sometime in the future.

Unfortunately, those hopes were quashed (or at least put on hold) in a report released today, confirming the presentation as a "tech demo" that does not necessarily confirm any of the titles it contained as supporting 3D.

Also, as fellow FFXIV fan Chami (ちゃみ) points out, Producer Hiromichi Tanaka was previously quoted in an interview downplaying the possibility of a PS3 version supporting 3D technology.


The PS3 supports 3D, but is there a possibility of a 3D-capable version being released on the PS3?

田中氏: それは、今は検討していないです。かなり難しいと思いますよ。

Tanaka: That isn't something we are considering right now. It would be fairly difficult.

So, there you (don't) have it.  Unless something changes, us PS3 users will be dimensionally deprived.


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