New XIV Opening Cinematic Trailer

Fully Voiced Opening Trailer

Straight from today's Prelive show in Japan, Square Enix unveils it's new, full lengh, fully voiced cinematic trailer!

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Spoiler! Actually, just a bunch of guesses.
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Well, now we know what the vision we have is in the beginning of each starting quest. The sky turning dark with fireballs streaking down? That looked exactly like this massive air battle between the dragons and the airships. Or, it could be the avatars arriving, streaking through the sky like in the end of the Hyur's hallucination.

The question is, who's who in that battle? It's possible that the airships are from Ul'dah, and the dragons are summoned or controlled by the Garlean Empire. That would square with Leviathan appearing off the coast of Limsa Lominsa -- the Garleans will attack Ul'dah with dragons led by Bahamut, and they'll attack Limsa with sea monsters led by Leviathan. I'm not sure who will attack Gridania, but I'll bet it's one of the classic Final Fantasy summoned avatars. If this game sticks to Final Fantasy tropes, I would predict that there's some sort of evil emperor or vizier or something who's found a way to summon all the avatars and conquer the world for Garlea.
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