FFXIV Open Beta Keys Still Available

Claim your beta key today!

The Final Fantasy XIV Open Beta has been well under way since the 1st of September, but it's not too late to sign up!

Experience a sampling of the world of Eorzea for free for six more days!  The Open Beta is still going in full force, and there is lots to do and even more to see of the Beta FFXIV.  Open Beta keys are still available through Square Enix, and signing up is a quick and easy process.  To sign up and get your key:

2. Go to http://entry.ffxiv.com/
3. Select your region.
4. Select "Apply for the Open Beta Test" at the bottom of the screen.
5. Follow the instructions from this point on.

Note: In order to play Final Fantasy XIV, you need to have a Square Enix account.  Click here to learn more about registering a Square Enix account.

We hope to see you in Eorzea soon!  Come for the Star Marmots, stay for the Headgrip Ogres!


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