FFXIV Branded Hardware by Elecom

FFXIV Branded Hardware

Square Enix has teamed up with hardware manufacturer Elecom to created FFXIV branded input devices such as a mouse, keyboard, gamepad and speakers.  Pegged to be released sometime in September, these items were designed specifically with FFXIV in mind.  However, it is as of yet unknown if these items will be deliverable to North America.

FFXIV Speakers FFXIV Mouse  FFXIV Gamepad  FFXIV Keyboard

See Hub Pages article for full specs on this hardware set.


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*Takes a bet*
# Sep 13 2010 at 5:39 PM Rating: Good
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... that the gamepad is still inferior to the good ole Dualshock 2/3.

Yes, Durability claims LOTS of controllers/gamepads, except for the official Playstation controller models (and maybe 360 too?).

Sony's official controllers have always been made rock-solid and never seem to wear out (I still have a Playstation ONE controller from before Dual-Shock came out, and it saw plenty of use, and it isn't even getting close to wearing out yet).

All they gotta do, is just use pretty much the same design.

Or, just let players buy a real PS3 controller. Aren't those USB now anyways? Don't even need special adapters to hook those things up, and I bet the response and fine-tune control is much better on one of those than any Made-For-PC Gamepad would ever be.

As for the Keyboard... looking at it closely, it has the "newer" type keyboard buttons, I don't think I like them that much. Heck, no ergo = no deal for me anyways. The speakers seem OK I guess, I normally plug my headphones into the headphone jack on the speakers anyways, and get awesome sound (using _good_ $50 headphones) either way.

The mouse seems OK. It is a laser mouse at least, and the buttons seem to be better built than the cheapie mice that I normally use (the buttons aren't even buttons, you just push down on the top to click the buttons lol). The only thing, is that it is wireless... I tend to stick with cords, no batteries that way.

If anything, personally, I'd go for the mouse and maybe the speakers, depending on the price. lol. But then I realize I'm probably one of the more weird people around...
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