FFXIV Guides: A Guide to Getting Around Eorzea

ZAM brings you another how-to guide on exploring the realms of Eorzea!

With Final Fantasy XIV's release just around the corner, players are going to find themselves plunged into a brand new and sometimes confusing world.

This guide should help just a bit with that not-so-slight learning curve that is a Final Fantasy MMO.


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Eorzea is a massive world, and it's only going to get bigger as time goes on.  Knowing the ins and outs of the world is a tremendos advantage to any adventurer.  Reading and decoding maps in a Final Fantasy MMO can sometimes be a class in and of itself.

Osarion's Guide to Getting Around Eorzea will help you figure out what's what.  From getting from town to town, to learning how to read the World Map.  Use this guide to get your explore on!


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