PS3 FFXIV Delay is Because of Memory

Final Fantasy XIV is delayed on the PS3 because of its small amount of memory.

Final Fantasy XIV producer Hiromichi Tanaka told that the reason FFXIV was delayed on the PS3 is the PS3's lack of memory.


“The main reason was the memory,” said Tanaka via his translator.

“On the PC, they have enormous memory. For PS3, there’s a restriction.

“They are adjusting the memory size and customizing it; it took longer than we were expecting. But we’re really working hard to bring it out as soon as possible.”

Final Fantasy XIV releases on September 22nd, 2010 for the PC and in March 2011 on the PS3. That's six months worth of memory issues. I wonder if we can lump this in with all the other instances of game developers saying the PS3 is hard to develop for? Discuss this on our Zam forums!

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