Famitsu Presents New Monsters

Famitsu.com has brought us a host of new monsters that will be stomping their way into Eorzea.  Translations and descriptions should appear on the official Final Fantasy XIV site soon, but for the time-being, I took a quick crack at it.

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Although these creatures are spread across many lands, including La Noscea, Tinolka and parts of Thanalan surrounding Ul'dah, their overall population is rather small.  Standing at 3 fulms, or a little under one meter tall, the abilities and characteristics of each Spriggan are determined by the colored stone they bear -- a magical battery from which they draw their strength.  Despite this power, most Spriggans prefer avoid fighting unless necessary. 


Drakes are large, ferocious monsters, 18 fulms (over 5 meters) in length, that are known for relentlessly pursuing their prey.  Appearing in many regions across Eorzea, these massive lizards can strike with lightning-breath and do serious damage with their mace-like tail.  Their bodies are covered in rock-hard scales, and it is said the hide of a venerable Drake can break a steel sword.


A bomb's temper is as hot as the arid lands which they tend to inhabit.  Upon seeing an enemy, they will indiscriminately start belching out flames.  While a bomb may start out around 1 fulm -- not much bigger than a Hyur's head -- witnesses have claimed to see them grow to the size of a small mountain in their rage. Legend even tells of a town completely blown away by a single Bomb!


The bulk of these crustaceans can be found along the coasts of La Noscea.  Their inpenetrable shells, which serve as an iron wall of defense, are about as tall as the average Midlander at its highest point.  They also are well-equipped offensively, able to spray forth deadly bubles made from digestive enzymes.  While some Megalocrabs are quick to use these abilities, others can be quite calm.  Though not proven, some believe their moods shift with the tides.  Green Megalocrabs are the most common, while the red variety wield powerful claws, called "snippers."


The nature of the Goobbue are surrounded in mystery, but two things are known for sure: they have a huge lung capacity and an even bigger temper!  Goobbue live within the inner regions of La Noscea, coexisting with the plantlife on their head, even making sure to feed it and give it water.  In return, the plants serve as camoflauge, or even a quick meal in a pinch.   On average, Goobbue stand at about 20 fulms, or 6 meters tall.


Apkallu are fairly tame creatures that exist around Limnsa Lominsa and the shores of La Noscea.  They have the unique ability to change the consistency of their digestive juices, which comes in handy for feeding their young.  The average Apkallu stands at a 3 fulms, or a little under 1 meter tall. 


Funguar inhabit the Black Shroud, and other forested areas within Eorzea.  They can release an immense cloud of spores, which are said can have a variety detrimental effects on humans.  However, Funguar can safely be eaten if prepared properly, and Funguar bulbs can be quite the delicacy.


Salamaders can be found living near water throughout La Noscea, and especially like dank, underground caverns.  These lizard house an organ in the back of their throats that can produce large amounts of electricity, making them extremely dangerous.  A hungry Salamander is best to be avoided -- there are records indicating one of these beasts swallowed a Lalafell whole!  A not so dubious anecdote, considering an adult Salamander can grow to be over 22 fulms (6 meters) long.   


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