NowGamer Speaks with Hiromichi Tanaka

Another interview out of E3 has appeared on  Hiromichi Tanaka goes over the basic premise of Final Fantasy XIV once again, but also lets loose a few new tidbits.

Tanaka elaborates on why job names have taken such a noted departure from the Final Fantasy series:

"By learning different abilities you can make your own class and actually this time, we purposely decided not to use job names we used in previous Final Fantasy titles, so you really have to make sure you combine the exact skills you need to become say, a white mage in the future. So it really is up to you how you develop your character."

And he confirms the new subscription model that should remove the confusion that can sometimes arise with monthly payments:

"It’s going to be a 30 days subscription model and for the price we are currently unable to confirm, but we should be announcing details shortly."

You can read the full interview here on NowGamer.


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